Baltimore County schools cutting about 200 teaching positions

Jul 27, 2011 by

At a time when Baltimore County schools are cutting nearly 200 teaching positions, the system has added three dozen new employees to the business side of its operations at salaries that total $1.9 million.

An analysis of data supplied by the school system shows that it could have saved as many as 42 teaching positions and kept class sizes lower if it had frozen hiring for non-school-based jobs in January, when it was clear that spending reductions would be necessary.

Instead, the school system hired administrators, curriculum supervisors, technology experts, grounds workers, accountants and others, amounting to $1.9 million in annual salaries. Of the 35 people added, $1.2 million was spent to hire 11 employees who make more than $80,000 apiece, including a deputy superintendent, Renee Foose, whose salary is $219,000, according to data released last week.



The cuts in teaching positions drew criticism during the budget process in the spring, as state legislators, County Council members and the county executive encouraged Superintendent Joe A. Hairston and the school board to consider alternatives. County Executive Kevin Kamenetz said in his budget message in April that he “strongly” encouraged Hairston “to not merely accept this budget as the status quo, but to re-examine the administrative functions of Greenwood.”

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