Baltimore redux: Students bring positive perspective to city’s story

Jun 4, 2019 by

By Stacy Teicher Khadaroo

In Baltimore, students understand what others think about their city. They aren’t blind to its crime, but they also think it’s time to change the narrative.

A new curriculum called BMore Me, piloted this spring in Baltimore City Public Schools, provides channels for them to express their perspectives. While it taps into the local community, it is built on a foundation rich in history, geography, and civics. For BCPS chief executive Sonja Santelises, it’s a moral imperative to offer students both mirrors and windows – reflections of their own lives, and opportunities to learn about new topics that could lead to previously unimagined futures.

The 15-week units revolve around a key question at each grade level. Eighth-graders, for example, consider “What is Baltimore’s story,” contrasting dominant narratives and alternative points of view. U.S. history students in high school dive into the history of redlining and community interviews to inform projects addressing “How can we build a better Baltimore?”

Kyja Wilson, an eighth-grader, says she likes BMore Me because “you get to express yourself using things other than negativity.”

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