Baltimore School Employees Speak Out After Student Attacks

Dec 25, 2018 by

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Baltimore Teacher’s Union and Union representing school employees are speaking out Thursday after two workers were assaulted by a student the previous day.

Unions representing teachers, workers, and administrative staff all weighed in after the latest attack, with all of them upset and in disbelief that attacks keep happening.

A mild concussion, bruising, bites, and ripped ou hair are just some of the injuries a school health aide told WJZ she sustained Wednesday after a student at the National Academy Foundation assaulted her.

The worker, who asked not to be identified, said that the ninth-grader punched and cursed at her after being told she was not allowed a drink of water from her office.

The aide also claimed that the student is the same one who attacked a cafeteria worker at the school in November.

School Nurse, Aide Assaulted By Student At Baltimore School

The incident, captured on cell phone video, was over a carton of milk.

“Very upset about it, ” said Marietta English, President of the Teacher’s Union “Very upset that this has happened again in our schools. That’s why we formed our task force to try to figure out what other appropriate consequences for behavior like this.”

President of the Administrative Union, Jimmy Gittings, spoke on how, for legal reasons, the student in question has not been removed from the school.

“It is appalling that this situation has occurred,” said Gittings. “It’s difficult to remove this student from the building simply because the student is on disability and according to COMAR law, you can’t remove a child on disability.”

Gittings said he has made the suggestion that the student be moved to another school.

School officials have not confirmed if it is, in fact, the same student involved in the cafeteria assault.

They did issue a statement afterward that, in part, said that said the student responsible was taken into custody by school police and faces consequences with the districts’ code of conduct.

Source: Baltimore School Employees Speak Out After Student Attacks « CBS Baltimore

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