Baltimore teachers kepticism over Common Core

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OWINGS MILLS, Md. – Some 200 teachers met with the Baltimore schools superintendent last month to express their frustrations and concerns about Common Core.

According to, the teachers told Superintendent Dallas Dance that the new English and math learning standards – which “bleed” over into most other subjects – have forced them to put in significantly more hours in preparing lessons.

Worst of all, the teachers questioned whether the new standards are even having a beneficial impact on students.

“We’re frustrating these children,” said kindergarten teacher Jerry Wooden. “When you frustrate a person just as you’re frustrating us as teachers, what happens? We turn off.”

Stephanie Foy, a 31-year teaching veteran, said she’s going to retire at the end of the year due to Common Core.

“The reason that I’ll be gone is because I will have 31 years, and after the experience I’ve had this first marking period it is time for me to go,” Foy said, according to

Superintendent Dance dutifully listened to the teachers’ concerns, and said he’ll try to help them by scheduling more professional development sessions.

Dance was probably frustrated himself, as local school leaders have virtually no power to change anything connected to Common Core, including the accompanying standardized tests.

Common Core is a top-down initiative that was put in place in some 45 states with practically no input from parents, taxpayers or state lawmakers.

A video of the ABC2News story can be viewed below:

Baltimore teachers express frustration, skepticism over Common Core – powered by Education Action Group Foundation, Inc..

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