Ban on CRT in Tex. on Way to Gov. Abbott’s Desk

May 29, 2021 by

“Ban on CRT in Tex. on Way to Gov. Abbott’s Desk”

From Donna Garner


For all of you who have been outraged by what Tex. Rep. Talarico (Democrat) did to raise a point of order to “kill” HB 3979 (ban on Critical Race Theory), the glorious news is that the Texas Senate “saved” the bill, voting along party lines 18 to 13 to adopt HB 3979.  The ban on Critical Race Theory is now on a glide path to Gov. Abbott’s desk for his signature. Every Texas public school parent should be rejoicing over what the Texas Senate did to keep Texas children from being totally indoctrinated into the social justice agenda, White privilege/Black bondage lies.

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