Ban on parents at school lunchrooms roils Connecticut town

Nov 28, 2018 by

One mother shed tears when she read the superintendent’s announcement. Another said it felt like a body blow.

After struggling with growing numbers of parents in school cafeterias, the Darien school system said parents and guardians would no longer be welcome to visit with their children during lunch at the town’s elementary schools.

The decision has stirred strong emotions in Darien, a wealthy shoreline community that prides itself on its high-performing public schools. While some parents said it was time to stop a disruptive practice, others have protested at town meetings and in online forums that the change has deprived them of cherished time to check in on their children and model good social behavior.

“It feels like a punch in the gut,” parent Jessica Xu, whose oldest child is in first grade, said in an interview. “I chose the town for the schools. I’m so frustrated the schools don’t want me there.”

Elementary schools generally set their own rules for parent visits, and policies vary widely. Some allow it on children’s birthdays or other special occasions. In some areas districts say it’s not an issue because parents do not or cannot visit because of work or other obligations.

Source: Ban on parents at school lunchrooms roils Connecticut town

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