Not much bang for D.C.’s education bucks

Aug 26, 2014 by

School buses are clogging the roads once more as students return for another round of reading, writing and arithmetic. In the District of Columbia, sad but true, they’re not learning much.

Measured head-to-head against every state’s school system, the D.C. Public Schools rank dead last. The survey by WalletHub, a personal-finance social network, crunched data from the Census Bureau, the National Center for Educational Statistics, the National Education Association and other sources to conclude that Washington’s parents are paying a lot and getting very small bangs for their bucks.

D.C. Public Schools schools rank 48th in the dropout rate, 51st in math-test scores, 51st in reading-test scores, 49th in children who repeat one or more grades, and tie for 34th (with Louisiana) for least-safe schools.

Performance is dismal across a dozen measures, ranging from dropout rates to math and reading test scores and rates of bullying. The only category in which the D.C. schools finished in the top five (in a positive way) was the student-to-teacher ratio.

via EDITORIAL: Not much bang for D.C.’s education bucks – Washington Times.

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