Banned by Facebook’s Thought Police

Jan 20, 2018 by

“Banned by Facebook’s Thought Police”

By Donna Garner


Yesterday, I was banned by Facebook from publishing my 1.18.18 article #Release the Memo —   once I published it on my own page.  As of the present moment, I am still banned from posting elsewhere on Facebook.  

It should give all of us much concern that Zuckerberg’s Facebook is trying to control the free flow of speech, particularly among those of us who are trying so hard to preserve our Constitution and the Rule of Law.

I wonder how long Facebook would be successful if everyone knew “the Facebook thought police” was monitoring and censoring everything we write.

As people know who read my articles, I try very hard to verify content and to publish only credible information. However, I never apologize for publishing the truth no matter how unpopular that truth may be to leftists such as Zuckerberg.

I hope we are not seeing the beginning of the end for Facebook and the good it does to promote honest communication among millions of people.

It would be a terrible shame if Zuckerberg allowed his own leftist agenda to destroy his amazing Facebook creation.

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