Banned dad awaits response to lawsuit

Mar 12, 2016 by

The battle continues for a Maryland father – a Christian and Marine veteran – who was banned from his daughter’s school property for objecting to the school’s promotion of Islam to students.

In October, Kevin Wood strongly objected to his 11th-grade daughter’s school assignment that stated “There is no God but Allah” and “Allah is the same God that is worshiped in Christianity and Judaism.” Wood contacted the school and asked that she be given an alternate assignment. Thomas More Law Center attorney Kate Oliveri says school officials adamantly refused – and banned Wood from school property.

“Mr. Wood wasn’t asking for the school to change their program [or] … change anything,” the attorney explains. “He just wanted his daughter to have a different assignment so she didn’t have to violate her faith. And the school still asserts that that’s not an option.”

In January, the Law Center filed a lawsuit on behalf of Wood and his wife against the district and school administrators for violating their constitutional rights. Oliveri says Wood is a Marine veteran who fought for American principles and deserves better than this.

“It’s a sad thing,” she tells OneNewsNow. “His daughter is about to graduate from high school and she may have to go through her high school graduation experience without her dad there.”

TMLC reports no date has been set yet for oral arguments in the case.


Source: Banned dad awaits response to lawsuit

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