Barack Obama’s Ancestors Owned Slaves

Aug 22, 2017 by

On his mother’s side the 44th president’s descendant of slave owners, raising the question, Should a Barack Obama statue be built?

Former President Barack Obama will have a bronze statue of his likeness revealed some time next month in Rapid City, South Dakota. It is one in a series of all former presidents mounted on street corners throughout the city (one of which is the Bill Clinton one which his rape accuser Juanita Broaddrick has demanded to be removed).

But it looks as if there will be a problem with the statue of the 44th POTUS, especially in today’s hypersensitive racial climate. No, we’re not talking about disgusting neo-Nazis protesting a statue dedicated to a Black Man. Nor is it because as president economic conditions for African-Americas relative to Caucasians declined. Bu.t no Obama statue should be built because he is descended from slave-owners.

In 2007, a genealogical researcher determined that ancestors on Obama’s mother’s side were slave owners. And based on recent news you simply can’t have that kind of history if you’re going to have a statue in this day and age.

Via the Guardian:

As the son of a black Kenyan father and a white Kansan mother, Obama has seemed to embody a harmonious vision of America’s multiracial society. However, recent revelations have thrown up an unexpected twist in the tale.

Obama’s ancestors on his white mother’s side appear to have been slave owners. William Reitwiesner, an amateur genealogical researcher, has published a history of Obama’s mother’s family and discovered that her ancestors have a distinctly shadowy past.

Reitwiesner traced Obama’s great-great-great-great-grandfather, George Washington Overall, and found that he owned two slaves in Kentucky: a 15-year-old girl and a 25-year-old man. He also found out that Obama’s great-great-great-great-great-grandmother, Mary Duvall, also owned a pair of slaves listed in an 1850 census record. They were a 60-year-old man and a 58-year-old woman. In fact, the Duvalls were a wealthy family whose members were descended from a major landowner, Maureen Duvall, whose estate owned at least 18 slaves in the 17th century.

Wow, that’s a lot of slaves.

Following the logical progression of the liberal anti-history brigade, anything and everything featuring Obama’s name must be removed and scrubbed from our minds, books, and records.

At the very least there ought to be a movement to stop the Rapid City and any other planned statues of Barack Obama.  Think of how it will confuse the liberals who are trying to erase our history, those snowflakes who grew up receiving participation trophies because the purpose of sports was to feel good about one’s self instead of kicking the butt of the other team. The safe-space occupants who demand leaders who believe it really possible to negotiate with terrorists or lead from behind. The statue bashing millennials who create safe spaces where they can escape trigger words and differing opinions and bask in the warmth of group think. Their heads might explode.

Source: Hey Statue-Hating Snowflakes: Barack Obama’s Ancestors Owned Slaves

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  1. Charles Gliha

    The pertinent question, apparently, is whether Obama BENEFITED from his ancestral privilege. Answer?

  2. Henry

    Sorry Obama, no statue. This stuff works both ways. They’re getting rid of old historic statues because it offends some people and they were slave owners. I agree people need to get a life but we also have to get things back to normal before this pandemic broke out.
    Country was on the rise and we need 4 more years of our president. Biden would be a blunder!!

  3. Jane Winkenwerder

    Give me a break….Obama had nothing to do with his previous heritage. I am more interested in what our country is doing now to help all people of all colors to thrive. Gosh if someone dug up history on me that I had a killer in my family 4 decades ago does that mean I condone murder. People need to get a life! I am 75 years young. I feel our country is in trouble..people need to relax and get start to think smart. Vote for who you think will help you the most. That means at the local level and on up. America was great before Trump. We traveled in Europe in past two years and they ask what is going on. I ask that same question.

    • No YOU give us a break! It most certainly DOES matter because IT IS PART OF HISTORY Jane Winkenwerder! It makes you liberals look bad because APPARENTLY you support double standards! Our country IS in trouble and it is thanks to the Demonicrats! They are trying to erase history because HISTORY does NOT LOOK GOOD on you demonicrats!!!!! But since we are tearing down our history, you would think you would jump on that since there is historical evidence that obamination comes from SLAVE OWNERS! By YOUR LOGIC, white people had NOTHING to do with the actions of our ancestors EITHER so tell me this, WHY do BLACKS think they deserve reparations? There were almost 4,000 BLACKS who owned nearly 13,000 that is THIRTEEN THOUSAND black slaves IN AMERICA! How many of TODAYS BLACKS come from those BLACK SLAVE OWNERS huh????? Pretty sure those who are whining about slavery and reparations COME from SLAVE OWNERS themselves!!!!!

    • gwen tegart

      read his disortations when in college he hated the US of A so no there should be no statue of him…plus he divided the US racially more than any past president .