Base Camp trains high school grads to fill skilled tech jobs across Miss.

Oct 1, 2018 by

Creating and retaining a well-trained workforce is at the forefront of big problems facing the state of Mississippi today. The state struggles to produce the kind of economic growth required to compete at the top of the nation’s rankings, and the lack of a skilled workforce is both a cause and symptom of this problem. The loss of educated individuals to other states with better employment prospects has decimated the ranks of Mississippians and left the state economy to limp along at the back of the pack. This current predicament will only become more dire as time goes on, unless a drastic resolution is sought.

So, what might a solution to this problem look like? For companies like C Spire, it is an investment in training young people with skills like computer science, software development and information technology to create a new generation of Mississippians that will power the new tech-focused economy.

Martin Guzman is the poster child for this next generation of Mississippians.

Guzman is a graduate of Base Camp Coding Academy – a program C Spire was instrumental in founding as a part of their Tech Movement initiative – and is now working as a junior software developer at C Spire. His story is typical in many ways. He was a high school student unsure of his future prospects, but he knew that college would have to wait until his financial situation improved. His story is remarkable because he decided to attend Base Camp Coding Academy despite a lack of background in coding, and he now finds himself in a fantastic long-term career in the tech industry.

Source: Base Camp trains high school grads to fill skilled tech jobs across Miss.

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