Battle won for religious song in school

Aug 25, 2015 by

A school in Iowa has taken a stand against parents who sued over a religious song the school choir sings – and the school has won the battle.

New Hampton High School students chose the song “In This Very Room” to sing at their choir concerts. The plaintiffs complained the song endorses Christianity. Harry Mihet of Liberty Counsel says the school was right in keeping the song in their musical performances.


“Musical arrangements that happen to have a religious theme are not unconstitutional and are not improper for selection by school choirs because they have educational value and educational merit,” he says.

Mihet says the student was given the right to opt out of the performance if it made her uncomfortable.

“The students even decided how they would perform the song, and this offended student was given the option to not participate – and that is all that the law requires,” the attorney tells OneNewsNow.

Additionally, he said the case was without merit because the student had already graduated. Therefore, the parents had no legal standing. The Iowa Board of Education took up the matter and decided in favor of the school.


Source: Battle won for religious song in school

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