Be wary of Common Core propoganda

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This year, The Star has published two letters supporting Common Core standards written by Teach for America members. The second letter was written by a teacher who also appears in television ads for the Common Core airing across Indiana.

This commercial, sponsored by Stand for Children, is reminiscent of campaign ads supporting former state Superintendent Tony Bennett. Not surprisingly, Teach for America and Stand for Children are funded, as was Tony Bennett, by the same out-of-state entities.

These investors, after losing their political connection with Bennett, have moved to new propaganda techniques: Use Teach for America teachers to give the appearance teachers need the Common Core. As a 20-year veteran teacher, I am not enthused by a plan to transfer control from the profession of teaching to the profits of corporations.

Yet more propaganda ensued with the recent visit of former NBA basketball player Jalen Rose supporting Common Core. Rose manages a charter in Detroit wrought with problems; test scores in the basement, running out of money, and a 100 percent teacher turnover rate.

The more aggressively that education organizations have to sell Hoosiers on Common Core, the more assured one can be it is simply a gimmick for them to belly up to the hundreds of millions of dollars the Common Core will cost Hoosier taxpayers.

John A. Stoffel


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