Become a beauty entrepreneur: top 3 trends to start your beauty business

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The beauty industry is a sector that has been growing exponentially for decades, continuing to do so despite economic turmoil. With an astonishing 86% of all beauty entrepreneurs reporting a 10% increase of revenues in 2016 in the UK, it’s an exciting and rewarding sector to get into and it also offers an unaccountable amount of roles and career opportunities for future graduates. Whether you’re more into tech, business management, product development, or if you’re aiming to take on a botox course to pursue a career in cosmetic surgery, don’t miss out on our top 3 booming trends within the beauty industry.

  1. Beauty apps

Beauty apps have been revolutionizing our beauty routine for quite sometime now and it’s unlikely to stop anytime soon. With gimmicky apps like Hair Cast, which gives you hair styling options based on the weather forecast, to Skin Better which identifies skin issues based on a selfie before delivering a full report with a list of products or treatments endorsed by dermatologists, the advertising potential is just enormous. Newcomers include apps like Glam Scout, which identifies makeup found on photos from magazines and other publications, and matches it with available products: you can also try it on virtually. In other beauty apps news, Perfect 365 was voted best fashion and beauty app for the lifestyle category of the 2017 Annual Webby Awards. Perfect 365 is not short of revolutionary as it uses some of the most advanced face recognition technology to allow the best virtual makeup placement.

  1. Botox clinics

Botox and dermal fillers injections have boomed across all different categories of the population in recent years, including millennials: thanks to more conservative, precise methods of treatments, the effects of botox are more subtle than ever before. The minimally-invasive cosmetic surgery trend has seen a surge in clinics specialising in botox, dermal injections and laser treatments, with some big success stories already emanating from the news, such as beauty business entrepreneur Leah Otton, who’s rapidly on her way to build a botox clinic empire of her own.

  1. Green beauty

The green beauty movement has been on the go for several years but it’s only recently come to the foreground, thanks to beauty entrepreneurs like Meryl Marshall from Hynt beauty. Hynt Beauty was founded in 2005, shortly after Marshall’s recovery from breast cancer. After investigating on the nature of the ingredients contained in cleaning and beauty products, she decided to create her own range of natural, toxin-free beauty products. Likewise, RSM, created by celebrity makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift, only uses organic ingredients. It’s also having a moment with all New-York fashionistas, thanks to Swift’s top fashion creds: Rose-Marie Swift worked for 20 years for some of the most prestigious fashion magazines including Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

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