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DevOps culture was primarily started with the aim to integrate the development and operations teams together in a bid to improves the productivity and collaboration of both the teams, resulting in faster deploys and injecting automation in the lifecycle of the application. LearningDevOps helps the DevOps Admin to achieve the technical benefits of consistent software delivery, faster solutions, decreased issue complexity and enhanced stable operating environment. The training equips the DevOps Admin with multidisciplinary knowledge about infrastructure, development and configuration management. Since faster delivery of software is becoming a necessity for organizations to stay ahead in the competitive edge, the DevOps Training helps the organizations by aligning the goals, while improving sharing tools, code quality and methods which allow faster delivery.

What You Learn in DevOps Training Course?

Learn DevOps to become the expert DevOps practitioner and through this course you can benefit in different ways. The course helps you:

  • Understand the complete ecosystem of theDevOps

  • Understand, build and test automation and how to create apt delivery pipeline and perform the test automation on it

  • Learn the automate Source Code Management by using the continuous integration using Jenkins and GIT

  • Learn the use-cases and master docker commands which will allow you to deal with different networking concepts present in docker, know the best ways to use the docker volume and create docket file.

  • Learning the containerization using docker and understanding difference between containers and VMs

  • Understanding the continuous monitoring using the Nagios and also learn about the system monitoring using Nagios, its components, Puppet and Docker

  • Learning the Master Puppet, configuration management and infrastructure-as-code. You would learn the master-agent architecture along with catalog compilation in Puppet

  • Execution of Live Projects

The Key Features of the DevOps Training

  • 24 hours Instructor led sessions and online classes and you are liable for accessing to two self paced videos with 12 hours content

  • Live project execution based selected cases and involving utilization of diverse DevOps Tools

  • Each session is followed by an integrated practical session and assignments which will be aggregated to minimum of 24 hours.

  • Live 24/7 assistance and support from experts in the field.

  • Lifetime access to the Learning Management System and class recordings and presentations can be watched online from the system.

  • Upon successful completion of the course the students will be offered with certificate confirming that you have undergone the DevOps Training successfully and now you are certified DevOps Expert based on projects.

The Prime Objective of Learning DevOps

Today, almost all the big and leading organization at global level adopts the DevOps methodologies so as to overhaul the security, recital and team dynamics. Since more and more companies are adopting this method, the DevOps concept has emerged to be the sought after skill that everyone needs to master in. Therefore, DevOps Training is designed with the aim to make your certified DevOps practitioner by offering them with practical training on different DevOps tools and making them aware of sharing DevOps best practices about configuration management, continuous training, continuous testing and more.

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