Before, During, And Afterwards: A Few Good Essay Writing Habits

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As grand a pallet as thesis writing is, it can be an incredibly overwhelming concept. For those that are writing a thesis, essays, or even a short-form piece of work, it all boils down to a few good habits. And whether you are teaching these, or you’re a student looking to fine-tune your essay writing process, it’s worth bearing a few of these things in mind…

You Can Clean It Up Afterwards

We get so bored down in the actual process of writing long form that we can neglect the editing process. Instead of writing and then stopping to read over what you’ve done, just make sure you get to the end. Because there are so many different tools out there that can make it a simpler process. From the best text editor software packages to tools like Grammarly, it is vital that you understand the benefits of editing, rather than being bogged down in the present. As any writer will tell you, writing is rewriting. Make sure that you get to the end, because you can always clean it up later. Get the raw materials down on paper or on screen, and you can sculpt your model later.

Putting Enough Into The Preparation Process

Research is viewed as a boring process. But if you are sure you have put enough into it at the very outset, it will make for an easier transition. If you don’t put enough into it, that’s why you find yourself tripping over your words, not creating a proper argument, and ensuring that you aren’t enjoying the process overall. An essay is an argument for and against, and this is where the preparation and research becomes an invaluable aspect. Giving yourself that opportunity to go all out and research anything and everything, but distilling it into a few key points later helps make for a more convincing argument. Research isn’t just about sitting in front of a dull textbook either, there’s plenty of resources you can find, either through podcasts, YouTube videos, or just interviewing people.

Do It In One Go

It is easier said than done to get this right, but if you’ve done enough during the preparation, you should be able to spit it all out in one chunk. Ultimately, a lot of people get into the habit of doing it the night before, so they have to. And this can very much help you to trigger your flow state. Doing it in one go is only beneficial if you put enough work into it at the outset. Enough research means that you are able to provide a more convincing argument, but also, if you are someone who struggles to do it all-in-one, either because your fingers aren’t fast enough, or you’re just too busy, think about dictation software. It’s made life easier for so many people, and if you really want to start doing an essay in one go, finding the right software can be invaluable.

Writing any long-form paper can be intimidating, but instead of being stressed at the desk, having a few good habits before, during, and afterwards, will make for a better process, and an improved essay.

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