Beginners Guide To Mastering Ruby On Rails (RoR)

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The world of web programming is highly dynamic and provide the beginners with countless opportunities to enhance their career in the right direction. But a common problem for armatures is that to determine where to start and learn what?

In this article, we have tried to solve this common problem for beginners as we are providing them with a beginner-friendly alternative, to begin with, which is Ruby on Rails (RoR).

One of the major reason behind this special recommendation is that more and more entrepreneurs are choosing to hire Ruby on Rails developers for building comprehensive digital products. Because of this, RoR professionals are in great demand nowadays, making it difficult for many companies to retain talent. Also, its community is brimming with tech geeks who are passionate to work and contribute in the RoR domain.

How To Hit The Bulls Eye In The Beginning Itself?

Before beginning with learning RoR, get yourself involved in the project’s roadmapping stage to know the very core of the project requirements. This allows you to stay on top of the functional specifications document, requirements, test cases, and wireframes of what is needed to be built. Then, get yourself to have a command over the three core aspects of front-end development which are as follows:

1. The Very First Step: HTML

Here you can master the art of structuring the pages and its content using tags. Beginners can take help of resources such as HTML QuickStart Guide by the publishing firm ClydeBank Media LLC, Jennifer Robbins’ HTML5 Pocket Reference, etc.

2. When HTML Meets CSS

CSS is the language that describes how to display elements written in markup language. For doing this, you can begin with Mark Myers’ A Smarter Way to Learn HTML & CSS or Jon Duckett’s HTML and CSS.

3. Gradually Come Down To The Core Pillar: JavaScript

JavaScript is an advanced technology that is used to make webpage dynamic and responsive in accordance with the actions of the users. To get a robust hold over this language, you can use either the resources by Duckett and Myers as mentioned above. Or, pick a relevant publication from the market.

In addition to books, you should also explore various online courses and tutorials available which can help you to master the above-mentioned three programming tools such as Javascript for Absolute Beginners offered by Simplelearn. Or, you can go through the Pluralsight’s special HTML Fundamentals.

4. Now It’s Time To Experience The Real Roller Coaster: The Core Language

After getting a strong hold on front-end technologies, now it’s the time to come to the core aspect of learning RoR. This framework was designed by keeping the web development in mind. But with time, this platform has evolved immensely and today it’s one of the extensively used ones.

Basically, Rails is an object-oriented programming language and working its principles lays the foundation for Rails. It’s extremely easy to skip the initial part where one has to learn the fundamentals of Ruby and jump on directly to the framework itself.

But it’s negative impact can be seen in the long-run where you will find yourself struggling with the code. This makes it mandatory for you to get a grip on Ruby before mastering RoR because this combination will only let you build high-end web apps quickly by using the pre-written code.

Beginners can explore different books, digital tutorials, online courses, and videos for learning this language and its framework. And once you’re ready, get the best resume templates to ensure you increase your chances of getting the right job. But the only way to ace this is by maintaining an equilibrium between grasping theoretical knowledge and polishing practical implementation in order to enhance your overall programming skills.

5. Ultimately, You Are Prepared To Enjoy The Cherry On The Cake: The Actual Framework

Eventually, you will reach a spot where you can actually begin with learning RoR. You can read free information offered by official Rails guides and blogs which will let you walk through the basics of the framework. Also, you can explore online courses and videos.

For instance, you can explore Codecademy’s Learn Ruby on Rails course. It is designed specifically for the newbie. Also, it’s a good idea to dive deep into the RoR world which is full of all relevant news and articles associated with the domain.

In addition, it’s not harmful to take help of some of the most popular books available for learning RoR such as Michael Hartl’s Ruby on Rails Tutorial or Agile Web Development with Rails written by Sam Ruby. Also, you can pick the publication which is suitable according to you and learn to work with the framework like a pro.

For those who are not bookworms, there are plenty of other resources such as games like Ruby Warrior. This game is specifically beneficial for beginners as it allows them to code and moves ahead to the next levels which in turn sharpen their overall knowledge base.

Along with this, you can also simply focus on YouTube and easily find relevant content to polish your RoR expertise. Two of the most popular channels for this are Drifting Ruby which has over 5K subscribers and GoRails with over 8K subscribers.

Rails enthusiasts can also turn their faces towards the Odin Project. This is a comprehensive platform which offers relevant information on the entire project lifecycle starting from the basics then gradually move to advanced modules such as metaprogramming, routing, layouts, etc. This full-stack curriculum is also a powerful asset for beginner programmers which they can use for enhancing their front-end skills.

In this way, by following the above-mentioned five simple steps, you can master RoR easily. But for that, you must be enough passionate and sincere. Remember, don’t get stuck to the timeline rather set your specific goal and put your best foot forward to achieve it. Good luck!!

Anubhuti Shrivastava is a content crafter at Arkenea and Benchpoint. She is passionate about writing articles on topics related to design and the software development industry.

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