Believers forgo World Cup finals to pack London stadium for Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Aug 7, 2018 by

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

While the World Cup finals aired on television, thousands gathered at the SSE Arena in Wembley, London on July 14 and 15, 2018, for a special conference featuring Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Organized by the Christ Embassy, the conference brought thousands of pastors, leaders and other partners together for a full two days. Participants spoke excitedly of the success of the event and the spiritual boost it provided to the gathered believers.

Participants packed the seats of the Wembley stadium, traveling from as far as North America and Africa to come together with other believers and spiritual leaders of Believers LoveWorld. They expressed their pride and enthusiasm in the large attendance at the event, especially given the alluring competition of the 2018 World Cup finals. The participants also noted that spending time in the presence of a Man of God was more important to them than following football news.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Believers LoveWorld kicked off their events for the second half of 2018 with this Leaders and Partners’ Conference in the United Kingdom, first in a long list of programs planned for the year. The Pastor noted that the year’s events were very important for believers, especially as he declared 2018 “The Year of the Supernatural.”

“We are taking this thing to a whole new level by the power of the Holy Ghost,” said Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. His inspirational words enlivened the gathering, bringing rave reviews from the thouands attending the conference. Fellow pastors attending the event noted that the environment in the stadium was particularly powerful and spiritual. They said that the ministry of the Man of God himself in the conference was “memorable” and impressive, to be remembered for years to come.

The Pastor expressed his joy at the success of the event and at the thousands of believers who flocked to Wembley to be in his presence and that of their fellow believers. He also shared words of encouragement to leaders and pastors, calling for more people to join the ministry and the Christ Embassy for the events and conferences to come in the future.

He further expressed his hopes that all involved would move upwards toward “a new pedestal of faith,” noting that his travel to London came in order to spread the word of God to all that attended. He noted that the conference was a means of spreading the holy word even further beyond the walls of the stadium to the city and the world. The international presence at the event marked the growing rise in the number of believers and their commitment to promoting the word of God everywhere they live.

The event was private and open only to the believers, leaders and partners of Believers LoveWorld and the Christ Assembly. After a full two days of events, prayer and preaching, the organizers saluted all of the participants. The Christ Embassy said that the successful gathering was “a glorious demonstration of the Spirit of God through teaching, prophecies, miracles that would impact leaders and partners in the BLW Ministry, for the greater works to be done.”

These events and conferences are continuing, with extensive future plans to bring together the believers, leaders and partners with the Christ Embassy and Believers LoveWorld. All future events and activities will be shared at the official website of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome,

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  1. Avatar
    Carmen Rubio

    Good news! The conference was amazing! I still hold a lot of happy moment from the stadium! Amen! I am looking forward to the next Leaders’and Partners’ Conference of Pastor Chris.

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    Olga Rolfing

    Amazing! I am happy to hear this! Pastor Chris deserves more and more followers ;p His lectures are a real inspiration to me and to my family. I am not surprised that he gathered a bunch and that a lot of people prefered his conference rather than the World Cup.

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