The Ben Carson vs. Ted Cruz Feud

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ben carson

“The Ben Carson vs. Ted Cruz Feud”

By Donna Garner



First, let me say that I am not a paid staffer for any political candidate.  I get not one penny for the research, writing, and publishing that I do. My only income is from what I receive as a retired classroom teacher. That said, I prefer not to belabor past events but want to move on to the Presidential campaign events of tomorrow and the future.



The problem is that Ben Carson (and some of his supporters) do not want to move on.  They want to stir the pot about the events that occurred on Iowa caucus night (2.1.16) probably because it keeps Ben Carson in the news. Once again last night on the ABC Presidential Debate, Ted Cruz humbled himself and apologized all over again to Ben Carson for any misunderstandings between them.  



Dr. Carson is a wonderful, Christian man, and his life story is an inspiration for us all.  I bought his book and put in on the bookshelf in my high-school English classroom very soon after it was published in 1996.  This was during the time that our society and our public schools were moving quickly into the bigotry of low expectations, particularly for Black students; and many of my students self-selected to read this inspirational book for their book reports.



The facts is, however, that a gifted and dedicated doctor with a wonderful life story is not necessarily equipped to become President of the United States.  



It is because of my concerns over “the silly season” in Presidential politics that I feel it is important to put this article into the public record, trying to gather together into one place the important links that establish the timeline involved.  Hopefully the public will then check carefully through these sources to arrive at their own conclusions. This is much more productive moving toward the all-important goal of electing a new President of the United States than for people to listen to political rumors and innuendos from the news media and/or the Presidential candidates themselves.



Here is my take on the situation based upon fact-based articles:



Even before the Iowa caucuses, the word was already out that Ben Carson had been laying off staffers for a long time and that he had many problems within his campaign. (Please see the links posted below from 6.5.15, 12.31.15, 1.3.16, 2.4.16, and 2.5.16).  



Carson had played the victim already (11.9.15 article), showing his inability to cope with the campaign scene. It is not surprising that Carson is following that same tendency now.



If I thought Ted Cruz had done something really terrible, I would be the first to criticize him. However, I just don’t see it. The fault was with Ben Carson for not being willing to campaign from state-to-state as a candidate needs to do to be worthy of becoming the President of the United States. There is no easy way out – no shortcut.



I believe what Carson planned to do instead was to go home to Florida and rest for a couple of days without doing the hard work of “pressing the flesh” of the common people in New Hampshire. He perhaps planned to make a quick trip up to Washington, D. C. to the National Prayer Breakfast on Thursday, Feb. 4, hoping to get some national media coverage as had happened when in 2.17.13 he had rightly criticized ObamaCare with Obama sitting right there in the audience.



It was CNN who actually spread the rumor first about Carson shutting down his campaign, but this was AFTER Carson himself had used really poor judgment in saying he was going to go back to Florida for several days and was then going to D. C. for the prayer breakfast. That could only mean one thing to any logical-thinking person who had been following Carson’s campaign struggles: Ben Carson was not going to New Hampshire and was getting ready to shut down his campaign just as some of the other Republican candidates had already done.



On Iowa caucus night (2.1.16) when the Ted Cruz AND also the Marco Rubio camps heard what CNN said, they all did what any campaigns would have done: They all tried to get the Carson-supporters to support them. Ted Cruz’s whole campaign strategy has been to join all of the conservatives into one large camp so that the left-leaners and moderate Establishment candidates would be defeated.  



On 2.2.16 (Texas Tribune, posted below), Cruz publicly apologized to Carson for not sending out information to the campaigns once Cruz found out that CNN was wrong. However, in the heat and the pressure of the caucuses, who had time to try to undo a false CNN report?  Besides that, Carson’s campaign had been in trouble for some time, and his conservative supporters needed to find someone else to support who had an actual chance of winning. That authentic conservative was Ted Cruz.



FoxNews chose to blame Ted Cruz because they are openly supporting Rubio.  Donald Trump, the liberal media, and the Republican Establishment (e.g., Karl Rove) all have kept the Carson vs. Cruz story alive because they want “anybody but Ted Cruz.” They know he will do what he says he will do without compromising.



“Fox News’ founder, Rupert Murdoch, is a co-chair of what is arguably one of the biggest immigration lobbying firms in the country, The Partnership for a New American Economy. Through his lobbying firm, Murdoch has endorsed Rubio’s 2013 amnesty bill as well as his 2015 immigration expansion bill. Murdoch has also endorsed President Obama’s immigration agenda, which Rubio has said would be the ‘second pillar’ of a President Rubio’s three-pillar foreign policy strategy.” (2.3.16 – “Mickey Kaus: Rubio Republican John Edwards” – by Julia Hahn – Breitbart



SUMMARY:  The bottom line is that Carson messed up by indicating he was not going to go to New Hampshire; CNN picked it up; Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio (and probably Donald Trump) all tried to get the caucuses to join their camps.  Ted Cruz got the blame because a huge bloc of people (e.g., Carson, Rubio, Trump, CNN, Fox News, Republican Establishment, and others) wanted to defeat him. 



We believe Ted Cruz is the only candidate who is equipped by life experiences to bring America back from the slippery slope, and we are not surprised when people with ulterior motives try to defeat him. 



The good news is that Ted Cruz is a seasoned veteran of persecution, vilification, and condemnation. He is not going to cave when such strategies are used against him; and when he is President of the United States, he will not cave under pressure there either. He will use his Godly wisdom, his good judgment, his perseverance, and his deep knowledge of the Constitution to endure. 



That is the kind of person we want to have his finger on the nuclear button. That is the kind of person we want to choose the next Supreme Court judges. That is the kind of person we want to keep our country safe from Iran, Putin, ISIS, and the Islamic terrorists. Ted Cruz has been in preparation all of his life for this moment in time.





2.1.16 – 15 minutes BEFORE caucus doors opened, CNN was dropping hints that Carson might be dropping out and was not going to NH or SC. It was not Ted Cruz who started this story. Unfortunately, the Carson camp has blamed him for it.





2.3.16 – “What Happened with Dr. Carson in Iowa: From Someone Who Was There and Involved” – The Conservative Minuteman





2.6.15 – “Ben Carson, CNN Pounce on Ted Cruz During Debate” – by Abby Livingston – Texas Tribune



2.2.16 –Ted Cruz Apologizes for What Ben Carson Called “Dirty Tricks” — by Jamie LovegroveTexas Tribune




2.4.16 – “Why I Am Dumping Carson and Trump To Support Ted Cruz for President” – by Rocco Penn – MediaCaffeine




2.5.16 – “What’s Happening in Ben Carson’s Camp?” – by Red Sonja —




2.4.16 – “GOP’s Struggling Ben Carson Cuts Campaign Staff” – Austin American-Statesman




12.31.15 – “Top Carson Campaign Staffers Resign” – FoxNews




1.3.16 – “Ben Carson Campaign Over” — Newsmax




11.9.15 — “Under What Rock Has Ben Carson Been Living for the Last 15 Years” — By Donna Garner – EdViews.org





6.5.15 – “Ben Carson’s Campaign Faces Turmoil after Staff Exits and Super PAC Chaos” — By Robert Costs – Washington Post

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  1. Avatar
    Terry RM Roberts

    I do not agree with you. Dr. CARSON WAS ALWAYS A GENTLEMAN. He was not a screamer. The Presidency does not come with a manual. A Prez surrounds himself with people who are knowledgeable, or experts, in their respective fields. He has displayed honesty, belief in GOD, has common sense, and was a neurologist.. he had to have a steady hand and a, world of expertise to do brain surgery. He lost votes due to the unethical rumors that he was pulling out. Now, Ted apologized, but the damage was done.No do overs. I respect Dr. CARSON for a of his efforts and hope he gets in the Cabinet.

  2. Avatar
    Traci McBride

    Just wondering why when a person calls out a wrong action, he is automatically discussed as “playing the victim”? How will any injustice, even anything that might appear suspect ever come to light if the person who calls it out is mocked, scorned, ostracized, etc. Dr. Carson was made aware that there had been actions taken in Iowa that were irregular. It appears that Dr. Carson has been placed in a no-win situation. Had he not said anything, people would have pointed to it as his weakness, his lack of leadership, etc. Because he did, he’s discussed as being victimized. Dr. Carson bases his actions on evidence – had there not been any, he would not have said a word. I am proud to be on his team and hope that the blindness that is obstructing others to see integrity in his actions will soon be revealed!

  3. Avatar
    Ann Shane

    This article is obviously just your very biased opinion, not based on what everyone will accept are the “facts” as you would like to portray. Obviously others have a very different view from your perception, just ONE example:

    And as far as Dr. Carson or his supporters keeping this going, if you had wanted to drop it you could have kept from posting your two cents worth. If Cruz supporters are going to put up lies, then there is going to be a repsonse. You don’t like the response, then don’t post lies.

    It was the moderators who brought up the issue, which Dr. Carson declined to get into in any great detail. It was Cruz who decided to give an apology “not an apology” that in reality blamed CNN, which got them all stirred up. Seems to me that if Cruz didn’t really do anything wrong, he’d be able to just drop it. But with all this “defending” of him going on, it’s starting to get a bit like “methinks thou doth protest too much” or something like it.

  4. Avatar
    D. Spicer

    According to several news commentators recently, in analyzing a win in a General Election…ANY Republican can win over the Dems! I agree with that….all they have to do is speak on the emails and Benghazi, and against Socialism and Climate Control. etc. There is no DEM running that truly gives any one of the REP’s a threat of losing to Hillary….too many ppl operate on fear tactics and buy in to media hype. Think rationally and objectively ppl…I even heard one of them say (as they lifted a pot plant off their desk on camera), “this PLANT could beat the Dems in a GE…They have no viable candidate running, LOL, LOL”….so true, I think!!

  5. Avatar

    This is totally bull crap article and full of holes! It isn’t Dr. Carson who is at fault! He isn’t whining like you want to say he is telling and showing exactly the corrupt dirty tricks we all do not want. The Cruz supporters have said the same crap that you are saying and it is preposterous how you can turn this around on the one that it hurt most. He doesn’t deserve this and if you can spin it around to be Carsons fault then this is exactly why I have decided to not vote for Cruz. If he wins the nomination I won’t now. Simply for this little twist in the story. We want to move on but to turn this around as Bens fault is like blaming a victim for the crime just because they were there. Go some place else with you opinion, cause that is all you presented here. No facts at all. Bias bunch of crap

    • Avatar

      I will say only that if Cruz is expected to accept responsibility for an action of someone on his staff which he personally knew Nothing About, then the same should be expected from the Carson camp! However, I personally do not blame either of the candidates but CNN. They have been doing this a long time. You’d think they would know better!! Btw; Fox News also reported it & I’d bet others did too.

  6. Avatar
    Stephen Kendall

    Politics is dirty. Politicians survive in the dirt. Carson isn’t one. Carson’s wrong is simply calling a spade a spade. Cruz’s wrong is putting on an act of repentance before Carson, all the while smiling from his illicit gains by the deceitful win in Iowa. Other words, his dirty political mind and wrongful games are below Carson’s integrity. He just called him out on this. The populous is game for politics as usual. Carson’s integrity is foreign to them and to society as a whole, as the writer of this article can not understand the differences in the quality of persons. Surely, a valuable leader is not a run-of-mill dirty politician that wins by deceit, but should be by their proven records and their integrity & real character, not the fake sorries with no repentance (firing the rascals that gave him the election in Iowa).

  7. Avatar
    Alisa Borek

    “What difference does it make?” ……… sounds like Hilary Clinton.

    Cruz Has not held anyone accountable in his organization for the dirty politics.
    Same as Obama.
    Same as Hilary.

    Same ol’ same ol’

    A lot of us are sick of unethical people in politics. THAT is why we DID like
    Cruz in the first place. He seemed to be one to call the dirty dealings out.
    Now his campaign is part of it and he hasn’t done anything about it except offer
    an empty ‘sorry’.

    Sad….. very sad.

  8. Avatar

    Unfortunately, in our society LIARS are rewarded. Your blame game is pathetic. Cruz is a liar. I guess if you’re ok with that, you should be ok with Obama and Hillary’s lies. “What difference, at this point, does it make?” Sickening.

  9. Avatar

    Your article is clearly missing the facts. The Cruz campaign was manipulating and deceiving voters after it was known that the Carson campaign was staying in the race. To suggest that your not bias is fools gold. Anybody with knowledge of the time line and facts are well aware of this. It is now obvious that people will believe anything they read or see without researching themselves. Cruz once again lied at the debate and offered an empty apology. I say empty because he has yet to take action, whether to fire those in his campaign that are responsible or surrender delegates. This is not going away because Cruz is failing to be honest, until then it will stick around.

    • Avatar
      mike roberts

      ALL is fair in love and war ! POLITICS, not so much ! BUT this has now become water under the bridge ! Let’s try to decide who will REALLY protect our Constitution and Bill of Rights, BEST ! ARE YOU BIASED ?

  10. Avatar

    Ben Complains That Cruz Does Not Meet Christian Values. Looks Like Ben Is Really Taken Advantage Of This Happening For Shellish Reasons. Is That A Christian???

  11. Avatar
    D. Spicer

    Not true….the media keeps this spinning (per usual), and the moderators had every right and reason to ask the question at the debate. The American ppl have been screaming out against Political Corruption, and then someone finally stands up, calls it out, and fights against it, and ppl such as you want to condemn them (like I said, the media is fueling this, not Carson). And I would hope our next POTUS would take a strong stand and clean house as well…Carson is proving he can and will…do what is right for this nation and the American ppl…first and foremost!! Cruz has proven, by taking no action against his staff, that he condones this behavior…yet he calls others up there in our Gov.the “Washington Cartel”…we don’t need to exchange that for the “Cruz Cartel”! If he was truly the friend he claimed to be to Carson on stage the other night, or the Principled man he touts to be, he would have been furious himself when he found out, and heads would have spun that very night, without having to be prompted to do so…FACT!! As a Businessman with FORBES stated in an interview just days ago….that’s what SHOULD happen..a Campaign is ran like a business, and that’s what would happen in the Corporate world, for sure…this was a weighty matter!! Cruz panders with all the politicians and big money elites…and favors will be called in if he’s elected for sure. He’s proven he handles his subordinates no differently than Obama has handled his with Hillary! That’s what the American ppl see…all except those who are looking at this through the lense of “emotional dillusion” rather than FACTS and EVIDENCE. Google the Election and Voter Laws for the State of Iowa..section 32.A I believe…I have read them. The AG in that State has every right to file a suit (the emails and flyers and announcement made WITHIN precincts are considered Frauding their caucus and coercion against the voters. As a matter of Law, it’s illegal…and in Iowa, Voter Fraud in the First Degree…Class D Felony!! Regardless of those trying to play this fact down, I’m sure the AG in that State is already in action on this…their citizens have a right to join suit in a class action as well here). I can only hope that ppl who are criticizing have the sense to wake up to a reality check and see this objectively as they should. For those saying Carson needs to move on to the REAL ISSUES….This IS a real issue, and it needs to be stopped. If corruption continues in the White House, then none of the other issues will ever get addressed for sure…it will be the same old thing….Politics as usual and anything goes will continue to be the norm…no thanks! If Donald Trump had pulled this stunt, the whole country would be screaming for his head on a platter for this (think objectively and unbiased here, not emotionally…this is not a popularity pep rally celebrity nomination, it’s for our next LEADER in charge of our nation, and that person’s leadership and getting things done affects everyone of us tremendously.) Christie made a very valid point at the debate….sitting Atty/Senators (…only for 2 years each, Rubio and Cruz) have never held any position of Leadership nor one that comes with ANY accountability to any degree. Senators are NOT held accountable for lack of attendance or missing votes. They have Cruz -C rating, and Rubio-D rating for that in the Senate….our tax dollars at waste..they won’t even show up consistenly for the job we pay then to do NOW….much less, lol), and debate skills and arguing serve little to no service or purpose in the qualifications or skillsets needed for POTUS…just a false illusion that impresses those who dont think on a deeper and broader scale. Carson has extensive Leadership and Business experience and is highly intelligent on a broad level…including our Constitution, Government structure and operations, and the Bill of Rights….he was writing books on our nation and so forth before Cruz or Rubio ever hit the Senate, lol, so when ppl tout these Senators over Carson, I have to seriously laugh out loud at that mentality. Ben Carson has received 67 honorary degrees. He received America’s highest civilian award, the Presidential Medal of Freedom . CNN and Time reported he was one of America’s top 20 scientists. TIme Mag has also named him among America’s Top Business Leaders. And the Library of Congress named him one of 89 “Living Legends.”
    What high achievements or commendations has Cruz (or Rubio) accomplished or received that qualifies him/them here…other than atty/senator status, and condoning illegal practices and voter fraud, without repricussions or actions taken? Carson is the right temperment, quality, and qualifications for our next POTUS…please go to his website and learn more about his plans and policies (in great detail)….he has more out there than any other on the stage… If you don’t see the plan you want to read about, just type it into the search box. Thanks for you time and consideration of these points in advance.

  12. Avatar

    This was written with obvious bias defending an INeligible person who is depending on Constitutional ignorant voters to subvert our Constitution, AGAIN. Ineligible Canadian lying Cruz is a fraud just as fraudobama. Rubio is INeligible, his parents naturalized AFTER his birth, but at least he was born in America.

    • Avatar
      Michael R

      Nice Trumpertantrum Patriotress! The simple fact is, according to the Constitution’s definition of *Natural Born Citizen* Cruz is most definitely eligible to be President but Rubio might not be. Care to check whether either of HIS parents had obtained full, legal citizenship PRIOR TO him popping out? I thought not Trump/RNC Troll!!

  13. Avatar
    Concerned US Patriot

    You say your not slanting towards any candidate? Uh, Reread what you wrote. NOW Ted wants to meet with Carson? You do know that right?
    What YOU AND they don’t understand, not only was the Lie against Dr. Ben Carson, IT was AGIAINST ME. I have donated to this campaign since the Run Ben Run Days. We are not big money donors. We average 49.00 a donation. I HAVE been robbed Why not look into the phone calls that are going now 2/8/2016 where Cruise campaigners are STILL saying ben is out? What has happened in Iowa just showed people the type of people who are drawn to cruise…..

    As a closing thought, HOW WOULD ANY YOU FEEL IF THIS WAS DONE TO YOUR GUY? Guess since you don’t have any skin in his campaign, Donations etc. it would be okay?

  14. Avatar
    Michael Martin

    I will say first off, that I am a been Carson supporter semicolon but that should by no means influence the interpretation of the vaccine a light that is different from your own. Dr Carson, and his supporters, have not being the driving force behind the continuation of the story – the news media has. Dr Carson was asked about the situation, point blank, at the presidential debate, and Ted Cruz was given three times the amount of minutes to respond to the situation then would have been a lot allowable in a 30 second rebuttal when his name was mentioned. Furthermore, integrity does matter, and that stated facts by Dr. Carson should not be held against him.
    As to the falling in the polls, I have no more explanation for that, then I do for the inexplicable rise and sustaining power of Donald Trump rise and sustaining power of Donald Trump, a candidate who makes bold, rash statements with next to no detail for logic.
    As to the staffing of the carson campaign headquarters, I believe dr. Carson in a recent interview with Fox, was given ample time to explain that he had originally placed too much trust in political operative to set up and run campaign headquarters. After Christmas, he got there early involved with the day today management, treating it much like his multi million dollar department at Johns Hopkins, and has reduced the staff to a responsible, sustainable level where is campaign can endure throughout the primary season.
    I promise at the start, that he was not a political animal, and no one should expect him to follow the same course of events as other politicians. However, if you recall, Ronald Reagan fired his entire staff leadership after New Hampshire in 1980 and begin afresh from there. We are a long way from the necessary 1,144 delegates necessary to win the party’s nomination. Go, Ben Carson!

  15. Avatar
    Mary Jo

    Thank you for an in depth article on the faux outrage from Carson and Trump. BTW, William, Cruz’s favorable ratings are way ahead to Trump’s, so therefore, Cruz is better equipped to win the general election.

  16. Avatar

    Proof of Rubio campaign pushing Carson voters

  17. Avatar

    Nicely done.

  18. Avatar
    Patricia Eden

    Excellent review, unfortunately those that are following Carson, just like Trump, refuse to listen to reason. I myself am part of Ted Cruz’s team already. I find that Carson is a whiner, and Trump likes to throw temper tantrums.

    • Avatar

      You are backing an ineligible, slick talking, flip flopping lawyer. You need to #WTFU!

    • Avatar
      D. Spicer

      Not true Patricia….It’s not a matter of other’s supporters not listening to reason here…there is no reasonable justification for committing illegal acts of Fraud against a State’s Election Caucus, it’s citizen voters, or those who have worked so hard in EACH campaign (including Carson’s) to be done this way….be it the candidate, his supporters contributors donors, etc. If you go back up and read my lengthy yet, well explained post before, it might shed some light on a different perspective for you…it’s not about the candidate one is supporting here…it’s the principle of unacceptable practices, and weightiness of the impact it has on a broader scale, and the fact that it is downright wrong, unethical (out of ANYONE), and illegal (regardless of what some may say to try and play this down). In Iowa…it’s a Class D Felony charge. Criminal activity out of any candidate or their campaign is NOT acceptable for someone runnning for POTUS, nor is it worthy behavior…objective thinking goes a long way…it’s at the center of being able to make a fair, unbiased, factual judgement of any kind….in any matter. Thank you to all on here for you time, Patience, and consideration in this discussion, as we all express different views on this thread…we are all hoping and praying for this nation, and dearly afraid of the consequences of yet another person being elected for the wrong reasons or without ppl giving extreme consideration to the weightiness and implications of their vote…all of us are in this together (as a nation), and it affects all of us equally.

  19. Avatar

    You’re so in the tank for an ineligible, slick talking, flip flopping lawyer that you cannot accept the fact he and his people outright LIED to Iowa caucus voters supporting Carson. The fact he apologized to Carson twice is proof positive of that.

    Please take the blinders off! A Cruz win assures a Democrat victory in November. Same thing if Rubio wins. Trump is the only one who can beat the Democrat candidate. PERIOD!

    • Avatar
      Jackie Gregory

      He apologized because he is a decent man, unlike most others who would have blamed staffers and thrown them under the bus. Would you have preferred he do what our current president always does when there is controversy in his administration, claim ignorance and blame someone else? Ted Cruz is a leader.

      • Avatar
        D. Spicer

        Cruz proves he handles he and his Camps/subordinate’s wrongdoing the same way Obama has handled his with Hillary….A do nothing, covering the wrongdoer’s backs.

      • Avatar
        William Wynne

        Cruz apologized to Carson twice because he did something wrong. He and his people should have contacted the Carson people before they did ANYTHING else. They did not. Nuff said!

      • Avatar
        Michael R

        Amen! Well Said Jackie Gregory!!

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