Benefits and Reasons To Earn A Master’s Degree

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Advanced degrees can offer students many benefits in their chosen career fields, including a higher earning potential and leadership positions.

Earning a college degree can do much more than simply improve the appearance of a person’s resume. Students will also learn the skills needed to gain employment in the career of their choice, especially in a specialized career field. Earning an advanced degree,such as a master’s, can also assist you when you will write your CV for gaining employment as a manager or director. Many colleges and universities offer master’s degrees in a variety of different fields both online or in the traditional classroom model.

Eligibility to Enroll in a Master’s Program

According to the WorldWideLearn website, a master’s degree is awarded to those students who complete a 1-to-3 year postgraduate collegiate program specializing in a particular genre or career focus. Admission into a master’s degree program can be difficult to achieve and often entails a detailed application process,application fee, and possible essay or writing requirement.

Furthermore,students may be required to have maintained a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) throughout their undergraduate school career in order to be eligible for application.

A Master’s Degree Can Increase Earning Potential

Earning a master’s degree maybe difficult; however, the potential earning benefits can help balance out the work a student puts in to a program. According to the U.S. Census Bureau study addressed on the WorldWideLearn website, individuals who have achieved a master’s degree will earn an average of $2.5 million over the span of a typical 40-year work life. In comparison, individuals with a bachelor’s degree average only $2.1 million over the same time frame while those with only a high school diploma earn about $1.2 million. Job opportunities are also expanded with earning a Master’s degree, many of which offer substantially higher salaries than those obtained with just a Bachelor degree. According to, a study by the website concluded that the average salary of a bachelor degree holder was $43,000 while a Masters degree holder earned closer to $53,000 annually.

Increase Skills

From an academic standpoint,earning a master’s degree will allow a student the opportunity to continue his or her education in an area of expertise that goes beyond what they may have learned while earning a bachelor’s degree. For example, earning a Masters in Health Administration can help a person gain employment as a health care facility manager. Furthermore, many companies require a minimum education level in order to obtain a promotion or leadership position, which can also lead to a higher salary or other compensation.

Education and Skill Set Increases

Many high-specialty career fields like medicine or business require advanced degrees in order to earn employment as a “specialist” in a particular area. For example, a student will need to obtain his or her master’s degree prior to obtaining a doctorate end route to becoming a physician. Business students must earn an MBA for advanced business positions within a company. Many colleges or universities offer a full“specialty program” that includes a bachelor, master’s, and doctorate degrees in one long-term program.

The benefits of earning an advanced degree are many, yet the cost of going to graduate school can seem daunting to some students. With a little research into financial aid options like student loans and scholarships, however, most students can apply and become accepted in a high-level advanced degree program.

About the author: Jane Williams is a student majoring in Human Resources Management. She currently works as an HR consultant for an IT startup, as well as a freelance writer. Jane follows the latest trends in the job market and enjoys using her expertise to help people land their ideal jobs. Here are links to my social media:



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