Benefits of Free Freewriting

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What are your techniques for dealing with stress or unpleasant emotions? We all have our own methods, such as exercise, yoga, meditation, and journaling, to cope with tension. In this blog, we’ll share one simple technique that has been shown to be effective for processing feelings and clearing your head.

Many writers use free writing to get rid of writer’s block. Free writing frees you from preconceptions, gives you room for inventiveness, and allows you to dump all of the thoughts, emotions, and pressures that are swimming around in your head. It’s like riding a soothing, emotional wave without thinking about where it will take you.

Even if you aren’t a writer, free writing can help you be more creative and overcome emotional obstacles. Freewriting may have a significant impact on your everyday life and stress tolerance.

Let’s look at how to freewrite and consider some of the major advantages of the technique.

What is freewriting?

Free writing is rather basic. You don’t start a session with a topic or prompt in mind. Stream of consciousness free writing, on the other hand, is all about letting your thoughts flow naturally. Whatever comes to your mind is written down; whether it makes sense or not is irrelevant. There is no need to be concerned about spelling, grammar, or punctuation. You don’t get concerned if your handwriting isn’t perfect. Free writing is all about putting pen to paper and letting whatever thoughts come into your head flow out onto the page.

Most people say it’s best to free write first thing in the morning. Why?

Our subconscious minds processes all of the events of that day during the night. When we wake up, our brain has classified and made sense of it all. Free writing immediately upon waking allows you to write down everything that has been processed in your mind. This implies that you’ll be able to start the new day with a fresh sense of clarity and completeness.

Some people choose to peruse their free writing after they have completed it, whereas others feel this is counter-intuitive. Free writing allows you to release all of your ideas and feelings without inhibiting any of them. Many individuals like to toss or destroy their pages in order to completely express those sentiments and experiences.

Those who have a free writing usually stick to writing for a certain amount of time or a specific number of pages. Perhaps you’d want to start your day with 10 minutes of writing. You put your pen down as soon after your 10 minutes are up, even if you’re in the middle of writing. Others stop when they’ve written a specific number of pages or words.

Whatever method you choose is fine, just as long as it works for you! You’ll still get all of the wonderful advantages that we’ll discuss below.

The benefits of daily freewriting:

1. Recognize patterns/themes in your life.
2. Have a place to be your authentic self
3. Be more present in your daily interactions.
4. Possess a greater sense of clarity.
5. Become more focused throughout the day.
6. Changes your perspective on difficult situations.
7. Reduces unrealistic expectations of perfection.
8. Provides a release of your thoughts and emotions.
9. Exposes barriers to your success.
10. Helps you develop healthy habits to better your life.
11. Offers a place for honesty with yourself.
12. Increases creativity.
13. Strengthens self-esteem.
14. Uncovers unrealized thoughts and ideas.

Start your daily free write habit

If any of these advantages appeal to you, freewriting may be an excellent addition to your daily routine. Decide when and for how long you’ll do free writing. There many great resources to start your free write habit!

The key to writing successfully for free is to avoid self-censorship at all costs. Without stopping to consider them, allow the words to flow from your head straight onto the paper. It might be difficult at first, but very quickly you’ll learn to enjoy and love your new daily routine.

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