Benefits of Professional Development for Teachers

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The teaching profession revolves around educating students and helping shape them for the future. But what about continued education for teachers? Most educators are hired directly out of college and don’t retire until the age of 59. That means most teachers are in the education system for over 35 years. Do you know how many things change within 35 years? A lot. Which is why professional development and continued training for educators is so important. Teachers have to stay up to date on cutting edge technology, new methods, concepts, and advancements. Read on to discover a few more benefits of continued education for teachers and why you should consider it.

Learn New Skills and Concepts

This is the main reason for professional development in any career. Things are evolving and changing every day and if you aren’t keeping up with these changes, then you’re being left behind. This is especially true in the world of education. New forms of curriculum, new theories and methods, and new technology are being introduced regularly. That information is then transferred into the classroom. Your district will require you to receive training so you can effectively implement these new programs and concepts. In the process, you’ll learn new skills to add to your long list of accomplishments. You’re never too old or too far in your career to learn new things.

Keeps You Relevant

For every teacher entering retirement, there are dozens of young, eager teachers graduating college and entering the workforce. These young teachers are highly sought after. The district isn’t required to pay them tenure (yet), they are well-versed in the most recent educational trends, and they have something to prove. Young teachers are inherently energetic and bring fresh new ideas to the table. There’s a lot to be said for seasoned, veteran teachers as well. And sometimes, it’s difficult for these two worlds to coexist. But in a world filled with highly-trained and eager new educators, you need to stay relevant and informed. And professional development courses can ensure you do just that.

Boosts Confidence

Even though continued education helps you keep up with the next generation of educators, it’s not the main reason you should pursue it. Boosting your confidence and investing in yourself are two of the best reasons to consider professional development training. Is there a subject you’ve always wanted to learn more about? Or did you want to expand your knowledge outside of your current niche? You can learn to code, get your master’s degree, or apply for certification courses in specific genres or subjects. Don’t limit yourself. Plus, returning to school and broadening your horizons sets a positive example for your current students.

Makes You More Versatile

Teacher layoffs are a real concern for a lot of educators. Budget cuts, strikes, or school closings can all result in unexpected layoffs. The more versatile you are as an educator, the more chance you have of keeping your job. A teacher trained in only one subject or to perform only one job is much less in demand or flexible that one trained in several subjects, skills, and positions. The more knowledge you have, the more versatile you are. This won’t guarantee you your job in the face of budget cuts but it certainly doesn’t hurt.

As an educator, your job is never done. You touch the lives of hundreds (thousands) of students throughout your career. Changing with the times and continuing to better yourself in this fast paced world of education is both important and rewarding. Don’t be left behind.

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