Benton Harbor is ground zero for education reform

Jul 12, 2019 by

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The recent news that Benton Harbor school board and residents said they want no part of a tentative agreement that would have staved off the closing of its high school should be a clarion call to address the overall educational crisis facing our state.

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How Michigan’s leaders address the educational and moral crisis in Benton Harbor will impact us all.

The financial and academic performance of far too many of the students attending the Benton Harbor school district is unacceptable, and, to date, so is the state of Michigan’s response to this fact.

A child without a quality education today is an adult without much of a future tomorrow.

The children we fail to educate do not disappear, but rather return to us in our places of business as potential customers or employees — or perhaps with more nefarious ideas in mind. It is our moral responsibility — and it’s in our best interest — to address the educational crisis across Michigan.

We need to stop singling out the Benton Harbor community and reflect on the moral imperative to assure we provide a quality education to young people who have been underserved and disenfranchised for far too long.

Source: Opinion: Benton Harbor is ground zero for education reform

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