Benton Harbor school board rejects proposed deal with state

Jul 3, 2019 by

Benton Harbor — No deal, said residents and school officials.

The Benton Harbor school board and residents said Tuesday they want no part of a tentative agreement that would have staved off the closing of its high school.

During a special meeting, the five-member board unanimously rejected a resolution calling for it to work with the state on the proposed deal. The board said the state had requested such a resolution.

“We want to work together but need to have trust and collaboration,” said board president Stephen Mitchell. “We need to see more of that before a deal is made.”

Board members said they were angry with the state for saying it had reached a proposed deal with them. The board said no tentative agreement had ever been made.

The state said last week it had hashed out a proposal that called for the school district to improve the academic performance of its 1,800 students and, at the same time, reduce its staggering $18 million debt.

Source: Benton Harbor school board rejects proposed deal with state

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