Bernie Sanders Defends Ann Coulter, Slams ‘Intellectually Weak’ Student Activists

Apr 22, 2017 by

By Lukas Mikelionis –

In a surprising turn of events, every millennial’s favorite old man, Sen. Bernie Sanders, has come out in defense of Ann Coulter, denouncing threats that forced the University of California, Berkeley, to try to postpone her appearance at the college.

“I don’t like this. I don’t like it,” Sanders told The Huffington Post in response to the security threats that forced the university to put off the conservative firebrand’s event.

“Obviously Ann Coulter’s outrageous―to my mind, off the wall. But you know, people have a right to give their two cents-worth, give a speech, without fear of violence and intimidation,” he added.

The senator from Vermont also slammed protesters who said Coulter shouldn’t be given a platform to speak at the university, calling them “a sign of intellectual weakness.”

“If you can’t ask Ann Coulter in a polite way questions which expose the weakness of her arguments, if all you can do is boo, or shut her down, or prevent her from coming, what does that tell the world?” he said.

Coulter was originally scheduled to appear at UC Berkeley on April 27, but the university canceled the event after local police said they had “very specific intelligence regarding threats that could pose a grave danger to the speaker, attendees and those who may wish to lawfully protest the event.”

The university later reversed the decision to cancel the event and instead offered to hold the event on May 2, an offer Coulter has ruled out, tweeting: “I’m speaking at Berkeley on April 27th, as I was invited to do and have a contract to do.”

Source: Bernie Sanders Defends Ann Coulter, Slams ‘Intellectually Weak’ Student Activists | Heat Street

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