Best 15 Educational Websites For Students To Study Effectively in 2018

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In the age of technology, online education services are truly a godsend. Online courses, ed forums, student Q&A websites – the modern education world is truly amazing! Educational web resources provide information on any sphere of human knowledge. School children, college, and university students, postgraduate and doctorate program participants use internet sites as effective educational aides.

How to choose what’s good in the gazillion of websites on the net? How to discover credible sources for coursework? Finding trustworthy online resources may seem like a tough job. Even worse, if your teacher or college professor is way too old-school, they might overlook your digital findings. On top of that, the information overkill can make you feel lost and confused.

As Jim Rohn once said: “Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” In this roundup, you’ll find a variety of educational websites for every need and purpose as well on how to make money online. It’s up to you, whether to use them as sources for your school papers. Choose among the top 15 educational websites for stellar academic results 2018!

#1 Udemy

Udemy is a paid educational platform where one can be a teacher and a student at the same time. One of the best student websites, Udemy has over 55,000 online courses, expert instruction, personalized schedule. Currently, Udemy has 15 educational categories ranging from Lifestyle to Web Development, and there is more to come. Udemy for Business is a great way to educate your work team, making up to 2000 top courses available at any time.

#2 edX

edX is one of the best education websites for students containing free online courses from the world’s top universities. Harvard, Berkeley, Sorbonne, and other schools contribute their educational resources to edX. 1700+ courses in 30 subjects are available to the online students. The subjects range from humanities to math and computer science. With edX, students get access to high-quality learning materials they can use for coursework and exam preparation.

#3 BitDegree

BitDegree is world’s first blockchain-based online education platform. It uses blockchain to connect student, teachers, and employers through the gamified learning process. They also have various other interesting initiatives, likes free blockchain certifications, study sponsorships, and others. You can find free and paid online courses, tutorials, learning paths, programming knowledge base, and a free code editor. There are various types of courses, but BitDegree is mostly focused on programming.

#4 QandA

QandA is more than just a student answer service. This educational portal contains essential information on school and university education, self-improvement, exams, and tests, etc. Not only can students ask any question but also get an answer from the expert contributors to the platform. QandA is a credible questions and answers platform to learn the latest education news and hot topics.

Unlike similar ed forums, QandA has essential information categories highlighted for students. The student portal website is easy to use and navigate, so there won’t be any trouble looking for the needed information. Users can ask and answer the questions, follow the question threads, as well as suggest edits to answers submitted by other users.

Question and answer services like QandA are a great way to exchange important information with other students. Having an information hub accessible at all times is quite handy. Especially, when you need an emergency assistance at exams. Any student can become an educational guru for his mates by selecting a topic to curate at QandA.

#5 MIT Video Hub

MIT YouTube channel is meant for students who prefer visual information. The official MIT video hub contains 12,000+ educational talks and lectures in 100+ channels. The range of subjects is impressive: architecture and planning, math, physics and robotics, arts, chemistry, biological engineering, humanities and social sciences, and more. Both high school and university students will find materials to support an essay, coursework, or thesis.

#6 Codeacademy

Unlike typical websites for students, Codeacademy is an innovative platform that teaches coding interactively. Forget about cramming the HTML and CSS tags. Thanks to an in-browser coding console, students start putting theory in practice from the first lesson. Apart from providing basic coding knowledge, Codecademy offers online courses for front-end developers and software programmers geared for different age groups. One can study Python, JavaScript, Java, SQL, and Bash/Shell.

#7 HackDesign

HackDesign stangs among the best websites for college students in the field of design. The aspiring designers can learn the tricks of the trade without moving away from their computers. Whether you’re interested in typography, UI/UX design, or graphic design principles, you can find all of that in HackDesign lessons. The platform has curated resources crafted by the industry leaders. An absolute beginner or design professional, you can learn something new from the weekly educational newsletter.

#8 HTML Dog

HTML Dog offers well-thought tutorials in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to help you master the front-end development fast and easy. On this platform, you will find step-by-step guides and techniques, interactive coding examples and references. Want to master the Bootstrap framework or Parallax scrolling effect to make your web page look like a masterpiece? Check out the HTML Dog for ideas!

#9 Memrise

Memrise started as a language learning platform. Later on, it scaled up to other topics, and now includes online courses in a variety of subjects like maths and science, history & geography, careers, memory training etc. Owing to the use of gamification techniques, there’s no place for boredom! Interactive delivery makes it easier to memorise the information and improves learning acquisition.

#10 Busuu

Busuu is a convenient language learning platform allowing to practice your skills with native speakers. Not only can you have your written homework checked and corrected by a remote tutor, but also make new friends using the platform. Busuu has individual and team packages allowing groups of people to study foreign languages. It is possible to download a Busuu app on the phone to make learning resources accessible.

#11 Duolingo

Duolingo is one more language learning platform using gamification as a part of educational process. Each lesson contains interactive tasks and challenges supplied with a grading system. This way, students know if they have completed the educational milestone successfully. To make lessons more exciting, Duolingo can be brought into a school classroom as a full-blown learning aid.

#12 CreativeLive

CreativeLive is one of the top study websites for college students. Basically, this is a free educational video platform dedicated to art, music, photography, video, money and life. Students can watch the on-air classes, read the articles in the knowledge base section, learn real-life experiences from other students and listen to podcasts. A separate section dedicated to freelancing provides money-making insights to students looking for extra money.

#13 Instructables

Instructables is a general learning online platform, providing free text and video tutorials and how-tos for DIY (do-it-yourself) projects and workshops. People who like doing things with their hands will absolutely love multiple crafts tutorials, recipes, accessories, etc. Teachers can use the interactive guides as ideas to make crafts school lessons exciting for students of all ages.

#14 E-learning for Kids

E-learning for Kids is a platform devised for elementary school children aged 5-12. The content presented on the platform covers most subjects on the school curriculum. Science and math, environmental and computer skills, language arts, health and life skills – all of it can be found on the platform. The courseware can be used online and offline to make the learning process convenient for teachers and students likewise.

#15 Dave Conservatoire

Dave Conservatoire is a free music school containing a variety of educational resources for beginners and professional musicians. Use a ‘Beginner’s Guide’ for a quick start, then proceed to the ‘Reading Music’ and ‘Ear Training’ to improve your skills. Improvisation and composing tutorials are exclusive materials to help you step up your music game. Students of music academies and conservatoires will absolutely love the materials posted on the site.

#16 Drawspace

Drawspace contains drawing lessons and tutorials used by homeschoolers and educational facilities worldwide. To access the lessons posted on the Drawspace educational platform, one has to get a paid subscription. However, the price is insignificant compared to the stellar results students enjoy after completing the drawing course. Students, art enthusiasts, and educators will benefit from using this platform for educational purposes.

Wrapping Up

Education is not only about school grind. Don’t be afraid of expanding your horizons and learning something new! Hopefully, the above top 15 educational websites roundup will help you diversify your knowledge and make you a better student. Feel free to use the provided resources for coursework, school papers or lesson plans! Some of the tutorials can come in useful in your everyday life.

Do you have favorite educational websites to share? How often do you use online resources for learning? Sound off in the comments!

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