Best Carrer Choices for Students That Love Writing

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Do you have a way with words? Does the thought of writing a research paper excite you? Not many students would answer “yes” to these questions. But for those few that find joy in creating engaging content for the masses, this article is for you! All too often the job title “writer” is lumped under the “creative” category, right next to struggling artist. And while not all writing jobs bring in the big bucks, there is potential for success if you know where to look. Check out some of the best (and most lucrative) writing career options out there!

Freelance Writer

Let’s get the most obvious options out of the way first. Freelance writing is hotter than ever. Maybe it’s because the internet is virtually the world’s playground in terms of research, answers, products, and socialization. Countless companies are building websites to promote their products and services. Those same companies are realizing the benefits of incorporating content marketing into their efforts. With that being said, it takes time and effort to create and foster a blog. And some business owners simply lack the time or no-how (or both). That’s where you come in! As a freelance writer you can pitch yourself to numerous companies at once and work closely with their mission statement and goals to craft quality content that not only helps drive traffic to their site but also boosts sales, followers, and overall revenue. The best part of freelancing is that you can juggle as many jobs as you can handle — working with a diverse group of business people. Another added bonus, most freelance workers make their own hours which means a flexible schedule that might include working from home.


If you prefer more stable income and working out in the field, a job in journalist might just suit your needs best. A wide range of organizations use journalists from magazines and newspapers to other weekly columns and even online platforms. If you’re a people person who is driven by getting to the bottom of a good story, grab your recorder and notepad and get out there! The world of journalism has changed slightly in recent years but the basic premise remains the same. Get the story. Collect the facts. And write in clear, compelling, and sometimes, controversial ways. Journalists need to be excellent communicators, extremely determined, but above all else, ethical and fair.


Have you always imagined a life on the big screen, but are more a “behind the scenes” kinda person? Screenwriting allows you to be directly involved with the action, but from a more distant vantage point. You’ll be responsible for writing the scripts for a wide range of niches, including TV, movies, plays, and video games! It’s worth noting that screenwriting is very different from traditional prose writing. You’re writing a script that’ll be read by actors. People speak much differently than you write. You also need to take body language, movement, props, and setting into account. But there’s no better feeling that seeing your writing come to life on stage or in film.

Book Editor

Not all writing careers involve, well, writing! If you have impeccable attention to detail and find yourself mentally correcting text messages and emails from family and friends, an editorial position might be right for you. Book editors do exactly what it sounds like — edit full-length books, reading for grammatical and formatting errors. But being a book editor is more than just reading the next Harry Potter series before the general public. You might be responsible for discovering the next J.K. Rowling! Editors read countless manuscripts submitted by prospective writers and novelists. Sometimes, writers will seek you out specifically, while in most cases, you’ll work directly for a publisher. You have the freedom to specialize in a specific genre from mystery or historical biographies to mythical tales and even children’s books. This is the perfect career choice for those who enjoy both writing and reading.

PR Specialist

Pursuing your love of writing doesn’t mean you’ll be forever nailed to a laptop or desk. As a PR specialist, you’re responsible for a lot more than just creating words on a page (although there’s some of that involved, too). As a public relations specialist, it’s your job to maintain a positive image for your company. This is done in a variety of ways. In today’s day and age no business is without a social media presence. And as the PR specialist, it’s your job to manage this side of things. That includes creating media releases, updating the company’s social media feeds, responding to comments, and writing compelling copy for the company website. Through these methods, you’re goal is to generate more leads and interest for the business. PR specialists are the face of most companies in terms of advertising, so if you’re more withdrawn and less social, this position may be slightly overwhelming. While you’ll craft emails and other important documents, you’re tasks are equally hands-on. Be ready for plenty of smiles, meet-and-greets, and elbow rubbing.

Communications Director

Another position that takes you far beyond the keyboard and requires a certain level of finesse, is a communications director. In many ways, communicating and writing go hand-in-hand. Companies hire communication directors to manage and direct all internal and external communications. This includes emails, press releases, and all other official documents or paperwork. Directors must be skilled in writing clearly and without error and adhering to deadlines. Communication might also involve making phone calls, attending meetings, and video conferencing. Over time, you may become the face of the business and act as the “middle man” between clients and administrators.

Writing takes creativity, patience, and passion. If you love taking dull information and twisting it into suspenseful, engaging content, one of these writing careers can help you land a job doing something you love.

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