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You can learn things through playing! Modern technology can and should be used not only to kill an hour. Of course, harmful effects of mobile devices are still there, but sometimes it is worth letting children play useful games on tablets or smartphones. Especially, since with the help of educational games and interesting exercises, children can acquire new knowledge.

Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle is among the best educational apps that enable children to read books on all modern mobile devices. Thanks to synchronization via Whispersync technology, a child can continue reading from the spot where they left off regardless of device. Even if they started reading on their tablet, they could continue reading a book on a smartphone, which is very convenient for modern children who have passion towards reading.


ClassDojo helps teachers improve classroom behavior quickly and easily. It tracks and creates behavioral data, which teachers can share with parents and other teaching staff. Teachers can use this and other similar educational apps to ensure positive behavior of students through the use of feedback and monitoring during a lesson, while parents can check the progress of their child in school. Beautiful reports are built into charts, and everything is synchronized on your and your children’s devices!

After parents start using the app, they can start to monitor their children’s progress during a school year. Flashcards

It is a study app, which allows children to create flashcards for any class. This app is suitable for kids of any age. The application has some cross-platform syncing options, which enables children to access more than 75 million flashcards that other users have made. works both online and offline. If you choose a free version of this app, you will get 2 folders. In each folder, you can create about 100 flashcards. If you go for a premium version, you can have as many folders as you want. However, going premium is rather expensive so you will need to decide for yourself whether you need it.


Duolingo is an application that allows children to study languages easily and conveniently. It will not even feel like learning because the whole process will resemble some game. The application allows to learn many different languages, including Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. One of Duolingo’s advantages over other language learning applications is the way all the information is delivered. The developers of the application called it “learning process gamified”.

As you complete the lessons, you will earn experience points. Any mistake made will take points away. Duolingo tries to make the learning process as fun and reminiscent as possible and is another one of the best free apps for kids.

Duolingo can be an excellent tool for learning any language, whether it is Spanish, French, Italic or any other. In addition, the application has an attractive design and is completely free. It is suitable for adults as well who want to learn a foreign language. Speaking of learning a foreign language, people frequently face the need to write an essay or even dissertation during a language course. So the best solution would be to turn to college essay writers for pay. They can do that work for you or even check this custom dissertation writing.

Dragonbox Series

When looking for children learning apps, Dragonbox Series is a perfect choice. The DragonBox series app is an aggregate of educational games that help children learn some basic math. Since most people have difficulty learning math, it might be a good idea to acquaint your child with it from an early age. In total, there are 5 learning apps. Some of them deal with geometry and algebra, for instance, but all 5 of them have something to do with numbers and calculations. These 5 games require you make an upfront payment, but the good news is that there are no in-app purchases.


Edmodo is one of those kids learning apps, which is designed to improve communication between students, teachers, and parents and is deemed one of the best educational apps for kids. As opposed to ClassDojo, Edmodo enables kids to engage with both teachers and parents about homework. In general, the app is designed to improve kid’s involvement in the learning process. Students can manage their homework; monitor their academic performance and much more. It is a great platform that connects students, teachers, and parents so that kids can focus on completing their homework. The challenging part, though, is getting everyone involved in the learning process to use it.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a free service for educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and users of personal Google accounts. In the app, you can create courses, as well as assign and check assignments. It saves teachers time, simplifies the organization of the learning process and communication with students.

Google Classroom benefits:

Easy setup. Teachers can add students to the course themselves or send them a code to join. The course setting takes only a few minutes.

Save time. Create, check and assess tasks in the electronic service faster and more convenient than on paper.

Convenient organization. Tasks are available to students in the same section, and course materials (documents, photos, and videos) are automatically distributed to folders in Google Drive.

Fast communication. Teachers can make announcements and instantly create discussions, and students can share resources and answer questions in the course’s feed.

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