Best Master’s Degrees in Educational Leadership 2021

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Educational Leadership Philosophy | LSU Online

Education sector is a place where new practices are demanding leadership roles to be dynamic and lead by examples. It is important to train your attitude to hold such responsible positions. Some of the unique and innovative educational leadership courses are listed here so that you can choose among the best.

  1. Master of International Education (School Leadership) – When global teaching meets with theory it creates a curated course for teachers who want to change the lives of students and the staff in their organization. Experts from Canada and Australia have come forward to impart knowledge which holds global value and best practices from a teaching perspective. The motivated communities are available online to help you move in a growth trajectory. The course can be done online and gives flexibility to study. The course can also be mould towards research direction so that students can enhance their decision making capacities.
  2. MA in Education: Leadership and Management – When young leaders are transforming the lives of pupils they need to manage the dynamic environment also. This course provides a practice based approach and helps in managing change. The master’s course is offered by Bath University in the UK in full time and part-time modules. You can also do online biochemistry courses to expand your expertise along with it. Leadership course will help you to avail opportunities available at the middle and senior level. It also opens up the door in the research field for the graduates.
  3. Med in Educational Leadership- University of Glasgow offers this course to practicing teachers in the field of education. It is an initiative by the Scottish government so that teachers can deliver high quality learning to their students. It is a flexible programmer which can be stretched up to five years as per the career requirements. The learnings are usually derived from own experiences, collaboration and inquiry oriented learning.
  4. MA Educational Leadership in Practice (Part-time)- The University of Manchester provides the platform to be studied with international experts with world class facilities. The curriculum is global and truly inspired by the education sector. The way we EmbraceGardening, in the same way mentors try to foster the behavioral skills. It helps to critically analyze the segment and deliver your best to it. The theoretical aspects are blended well with practical approaches so that valued learning can be derived out of it. The course structure focuses on holding conferences and the expected outcomes are strategically focused for the quality.
  5. Master of Arts in Education and Human Development in Organizational Leadership and Learning- An innovative degree which is offered by George Washington University, USA. It is a full time course which is available through an online module. It helps to develop individuals on skill based competency which is rigorous and diverse. It helps to enhance leadership qualities by studying real life examples. This creates awareness and at the same time empowers to manage change. The classroom is created with diverse backgrounds from army personnel to HR managers, to entrepreneurs, to senior managers.
  6. Master of Science in Educational Leadership, Management and Emerging Technologies- This course is offered in two languages English and Spanish. If you want to hold a leadership position in administration or management and believe in following innovative practices then you should go for it. Its key features include oral communication, team building, problem solving and critical thinking. To select which course is good for you you can read reviews about it. At MyPlumbersChoice also you will get to see reviews about various products. The course will also help to implement digital technologies in innovative educational projects.
  7. Master of Arts in Higher Education Administration and Leadership (MAHEAL)- With the education sector witnessing changes after policy reforms it is essential to be competitive in this complex and changing scenario. This program helps to endure relationships, strengthen partnerships, highlights current issues in the education sector so that implemented change strategies can be effective in future. It also refines research skills so that solutions can be tested and implemented efficiently. It is one of the most preferred courses for people who want to expand their horizon of expertise and acquire new skills.
  8. MA in Educational Leadership- If you want to be at a position of academic coordinator, director or administrator then this is the right course for you. The course curriculum is designed as per national and international standards. It helps to boost creativity and productivity. When any confusion arises research is done to solve it. At RazorHood one can find researched articles on grooming products. This course helps in evaluating knowledge and skills one has acquired after completing the modules.
  9. MA Global education- The renowned Liverpool University from China is offering this course. In order to understand the changes and the impact of globalization in the education sector this course is a rescue for leaders. It helps in dealing with future needs of education and provides hands-on internship experience to the students. Though the focus is on Chinese education but through cross-cultural experiences it is useful beyond the boundary.
  10. MA in educational Leadership, Politics and Advocacy- When you are determined enough to introduce change in education policy, this course is for you. How educational politics define the role of educational organizations who are working with schools and communities can be studied here. It will also give an opportunity to collaborate within networks and expand your reach to cross border organizations. These experiences are valuable and add advantage to the resume.

Leadership is a skill which can be acquired if circumstances around are in need of it. This list is not exhaustive but it will help you to get an idea about the vast pool of courses available for teachers to excel.

Teaching is a profession where teachers are also changing their approach with time. Learning is one constant thing in human life and it should be continued throughout.

All the courses have flexibility of online and offline mode. Majorly they are conveyed in English language.

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