Best Option to Find Accommodation in Berlin

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Looking for the best option to find accommodation in Berlin? Join us as we take you through some of the best ways to secure your choice abode in the capital city of Germany. This educative piece will point you to the right direction.

As the year goes by, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to secure accommodation in Berlin. The city is growing swiftly, and the housing shortage is on the rise. However, with proper research, you can find yourself a lovely mid/long-term accommodation.

Whether you are a student, expat or just looking to relocate to Germany, this informative piece will provide you a “Soft landing” on your quest for accommodation in Berlin.

Here are the best option for finding accommodation in Berlin.

Using Social Media Groups

Social Media remains one of the best options for finding accommodation in Berlin. You will see real-time updates on the current price of accommodations even before you kick off your ground search in Berlin. Social Media Groups should be your first point of call for a good Homework.

Accommodations on Campus

 If you are an exchange student or going to study in Berlin, your college campus is an excellent option for accommodation.

You will save yourself money and time of shuttling to school when you live on campus.  You will also enjoy mixing up with people from all parts of the world to enhance your campus experience.

Uniplaces for Off-Campus Students

If you are still bent on living off-campus, then you should check out Uniplaces for some of the best student accommodations in Berlin. The website is easy to use, fast and provides you with lots of options.

Housinganywhere for Long-Term Accommodations

Looking to stay a bit longer (a couple of months) in Berlin? Check out housinganywhere online for your chosen accommodation. The website functions just like a regular online holiday rental but provides homes for customers looking to stay longer in Berlin.

Housinganywhere provides you the real-time state of the accommodations by ensuring each apartment has updated pictures  you can watch to make sure it’s a good fit.

Rental Agencies for Long-Term Apartments

If you are going to live in Berlin for an extended period, then you might as well search for an apartment like a local. Use housinganywhere to find the right apartment in Berlin.

When using an agency to search for long-term accommodation in Berlin, you should consider filtering through neighborhood and different price ranges too.

You can opt to share an apartment with another person. This is a great way to cut down on the high cost of living in Berlin. However, you should ensure to meet your roommate a couple to times before moving in, to make sure you guys fit.

Final Words

Berlin is one of the best cities in Europe, but the wrong apartment can ruin your experience. The right research will help you get your choice apartment. So do your homework correctly and have fun living in Berlin.

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