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iTunes doesn’t hold the same value it did a couple of years ago, mostly because of the amount of replacement softwares available in the market today. And we can’t even start to talk about all the problems we face because of iTunes, not being able to sign on at times because of the server sided issues. Or the amount of time it takes for your phone to backup your data, and even after all that there are still issues one faces with iCloud and its storage limitations.

We’ve been looking for a solution for the longest time and today we can proudly bring you something that is worthy of being able to be called an iTunes replacement. This software is called DearMob.

DearMob is an iPhone Manager which gives it users the full power to backup and sync all their data as well as restoring it to another device. There are a lot of things that DearMob can do easily and we’ll go through all of them in brief towards the latter half of the article.

You can get a get a free copy of DearMob on their website as they’re hosting a giveaway for each and every single person who visits:

DearMob also allows users to transfer any of their files from their PC onto your iPhone. No DRM restrictions at all. Be it music videos, movies or TV shows you can transfer it all to your device using DearMob, music is no different because you can perform all the functions just as well with music files. Here’s how:


  • To select the videos you’re planning to import onto your device, open the directory and highlight the folder where all your media files are stored. From the prompt screen highlight and check mark each song that you wish to download.
  • Press the Sync button to start the sync and let all the data that is on your Pc be transferred over to your device.


  • From the software screen select that you wish to download
  • Hit “Sync” and watch your entire collection be added to your device, regardless of the format. Even lesser known formats like FLAC, OGG, WMA, WAV will be converted automatically by the player and sent to your device.

More features of DearMob

Backup and restore all your files and folders in one click

DearMob allows you to backup and save all your files and folders using one simple click. As we mentioned earlier this software is so much more faster than iTunes in creating back ups, it’s crazy. You can also encrypt all your backed up files so that no one can access them or make changes without having the password to this.

There is also another feature to go along with this and it’s called restore. This comes in real handy when one is trying to switch phones. You can install all your data over the computer all you’ve to do is connect the new device and hit the restore button. But know that this will erase all the data on the new device as it gets overwritten.

Check out DearMob in action:

Other features

DearMob also allows users to install apps from sources other than the App Store which makes them freedom, similar to what Android users have been doing for all these years.

Final Say

The simple fact that this software can be picked up for completely free, makes this decision even easier one to make. The amount of work you get this one to do makes it a great deal for everyone. It surely is one of the very best iPhone managers around and we definitely recommend it.

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