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Weddings are a time filled with light and laughter. It is the time when two individuals start their life all over again as a couple. It is a time when hopes, dreams, happiness, envy, surprise, and so many more emotions come together. When it comes to decorating such an event, it also requires a lot of light to make everything more bright and magical.

A lot of people do not hesitate to spend everything they have to make the day very special and memorable. Lights being the massive part of the decorations in a wedding, we need to see to it that couple and their families get what they asked for without taking the attention away from the stars of the day!



Types Of Lights In Wedding Decorations

There are a wide variety of lights, both natural and electrical when it comes to decorating such a special event. Natural lighting involves candles, lanterns, torches, fire pits, etc. However, they may not be the best choice if the wedding is outdoors. The candles and lanterns will keep going out and spoil the mood of the space. Electric lights are always the best choice for weddings, both indoor as well as outdoor weddings. These are some of the light options that you can play around with.

•    String lights and fairy lights

•    Flameless lanterns and torches

•    Chandeliers

•    Clusters of lights

•    LED light strips

•    Dimmable LED bulbs

•    Edison bulbs

•    Twinkling or animated lights



Lighting Up The Roof

Be it an outdoor wedding or an indoor wedding; putting a roof of LED tape lights on the top is always an amazing way of lighting up space. This job can be fulfilled perfectly using string lights and fairy lights. You can use string lights can to create a tent-like structure covering the entire wedding space. You can also use them just on the top to create a canopy of lights. Alternatively, for a mellower look, you can alternate the string lights with sheer fabrics to create an elegant canopy or roof over the entire wedding space.

These strings of lights are also useful to create an illuminated wall. This kind of decoration will add more glamor and fun to a dancing space. The brightness of the lights and the beauty of the arrangement will invite your guests to shed inhibitions and get the party started!



Adding Statement With Chandeliers

Chandeliers are a single amazing piece of décor that can make up for the absence of anything and everything else.

Types Of Chandeliers

•    Metallic Chandeliers, Golden Or Copper In Color.

•    Crystal Chandeliers

•    Unique Architectural Chandeliers

•    Vintage / Rustic Chandeliers

•    Chandelier Orbs

If it is a simple wedding with just a handful of people, arranged within a small and cozy space, then the decorations also need to be minimalistic. At such cases, a single large ornate looking chandelier in the middle of the canopy will make space look brighter and magical! In the case of bigger spaces, one can go for multiple chandeliers hung randomly across the entire space.



Using Lamps And Lanterns

Seating areas can be made chic and elegant with lanterns. Beautiful lanterns can make for a beautiful centerpiece by themselves. However, if you choose to go with a different and unique centerpiece, then you can use the lanterns to spotlight it. They can be hung over each and every table, right above the centerpiece to add to the elegance and grandeur of the decorations.

Another simple way to decorate the wedding space using lanterns is to place them at the end of every row of seating. These lanterns will create a pathway leading to the altar, making the whole space look absolutely magical. You can choose from a range of lanterns that include:

•    Glass Lanterns

•    Vintage Lanterns

•    Ornate Lanterns

•    Lanterns That Look Like A Bird Cage

•    Colorful Paper Lanterns



Projection Lighting

Projection lighting is the most fun and funky way to light up a wedding space. You can use the light projectors to alter the complete look and feel of a dull, white wedding. You can use a romantic lavender color or light pink color projections to create a romantic looking space. On the other hand, you can alter the color of the lights to create a cool watercolor effect in the entire wedding space.

Other cool ways to use light projectors is to create beautiful patterns in the wedding space are:

  • You can fix the projectors overhead to create ornate patterns on the floor of the seating area.
  • You can use them to throw colorful lights and create a spotlight on the dance floor.
  • You can use them to project patterns on the walls to create a mystical looking space.
  • You can use them to create amazing backdrops to the altar where the wedding happens.
  • You can fix them down with their projections on the roof of the space. The projections can be some random floral patterns or the stars and galaxies. It is entirely up to you.


LED Boards and Letters

This is one of the coolest ways to decorate your wedding space using lights, in a geeky kind of way!

LED lights come in the form of large boards in which cute and romantic messages can be written. These decorative pieces do not just add light to space, but they also warm up the hearts. They are a great prop for taking pictures, for both the couple as well as the wedding guests. The messages are usually simple and short like:

•    Love is Forever

•    Together Forever

•    Names of the couple

•    Love Never Fails

•    Feel the Love, etc.

Similarly, LED lights also come in large letters and symbols which can be put together to create beautiful messages. These are also very attractive and brighten up space immensely. For Ex, “I Heart U”, “LOVE”, “MAGIC”, etc.




Lights are a huge part of decorating for any kind of special celebration. When decorating for a wedding, using different kinds of lights will help achieve the romantic mood of the event. Through these lights, people will get to feel the love shared between the couple!

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