We Bet You Don’t Know These Facts About Medicine

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This year there will be a lot of young students and college graduates eager to aim for a career in medicine. But we think it’s fair to say that many of them hold dangerous misconceptions. If you think these things are true about the medical industry, you’ll certainly be disappointed when you start your job.

Mainly Helping The Young And Healthy

Sadly, it’s more likely helping the elderly and dying. When you work in medicine, the majority of your patients will be over the age of sixty-five. You might even find this to be true if you work in an ER. There are two reasons for this. First, elderly people are more likely to get ill or injured compared with the young. Second, medicine is now helping people stay alive for a lot longer and increase life expectancy.

Spending Plenty Of Time With Patients

Actually, a recent report revealed that most doctors spend more time filling out paperwork rather than seeing patients. Why does this happen? Well, it’s typically due to the legality behind medicine and treatment. Doctors must make sure that all the paperwork is kept up to date otherwise it can lead to expensive legal issues for hospitals.

Total Respect

This does depend on what area of medicine you enter into. Nurses commonly feel completely undervalued in the medical industry, not to mention underpaid. At the same time, they have the most rewarding careers. There is no doubt they are the individuals that spend the most time with the patients, getting to know them and forming connections. You can find out about becoming a nurse in the following infographic.

Infographic By Staffnurse.com

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