Betrayed: Chicago schools fail to protect students from sexual abuse

Jul 26, 2018 by

Chicago students have been sexually violated by classmates amid lapses in supervision by school employees.

The two 15-year-old boys, both with autism and developmental disabilities, were in the Bogan high school bathroom alone. One, a burly sophomore, had a history of violent outbursts and sexual aggression. The other was unable to sense danger.

Each had a special-education plan that required constant supervision by a school aide, their school records show. Even on bathroom trips.

But no one was supervising in 2016 when the towering aggressor allegedly told the other student to bend over and pull down his pants before penetrating the boy, who was slim and shorter by nearly a foot, records show. And no one was watching when the larger boy allegedly attacked the same student two more times that same year, first in a school bathroom and then during an off-campus Special Olympics field trip, also in a bathroom.

“The bottom line is I blame the school because no one was watching them,” said the alleged victim’s mother. “It shouldn’t have happened.”

The aggressive student was allowed to be alone with the other boy even though he had been found two years earlier in a bathroom stall with a different boy whose pants were pulled down, according to a pending lawsuit. And after the latest incidents, he allegedly went on to sexually attack another student in a bathroom while unsupervised, according to school and police records.

Source: Betrayed: Chicago schools fail to protect students from sexual abuse — Chicago Tribune

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