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“Betsy DeVos, Trump’s Pick for Sect. of Ed., Suddenly Finds Time To Attend Rally”

By Donna Garner



I believe I can tell you why Betsy DeVos (Trump’s choice for Sect. of Education) “suddenly” found time to attend the Trump Michigan rally yesterday. I suspect that the Trump transition team has finally realized that DeVos has been a very poor pick for Sect. of Education. DeVos needed to try to quiet the criticism from those in her home state who know her the best.


Betsy DeVos’s problem is that it is not only the leftists, Democrats, and teachers’ unions who are against her nomination. It is the solid conservatives, moms and dads, concerned citizens, and best education reporters in America who are against her nomination because they know she has no clue what Common Core really is nor how to root it out.


DeVos’s main claim to fame is that her family owns Amway, and she has given millions to the Republican Party.  (Never mind that the DeVos family also gave the Clinton Foundation as much as $130,000.)  Betsy DeVos has never “drained the swamp” of any organization or agency.  She has no experience with the public and/or charter schools because her children (and probably the children of most of her closest friends) have gone to private or home schools.  We have no record of her ever having taught students in a classroom. 


To top off all of that, Betsy DeVos cannot hide the fact that she has been an active member on the Board of Directors of Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Excellence in Education which has been one of the main promoters of the Common Core since its inception.  In other words, “DeVos, so to speak, has been in bed with the enemy.”  In fact, she does not even recognize who “the enemy of education” really is. Why would America put its trust in her to defeat “the enemy” if she has spent years as a part of it? 


Here is the problem:  “The further away that education decisions are made from the teacher’s desk (whether located in a public, private, or homeschool), the more the special interest groups will end up taking over the hearts, souls, and minds of our nation’s children.”



Short of being able to defeat Betsy DeVos’s nomination, our best hope is for her to hire truly knowledgeable personnel to serve under her at the U. S. Dept. of Education; and these people should do everything possible to work themselves out of a job as they intentionally move toward shutting down the unconstitutionally created USDOE.  





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