Betsy DeVos’s Yacht Gets A Boo-Boo!

Jul 31, 2018 by

A $40 million yacht, one of the throw-away “guilty pleasures” in the luxury-marinated fleet of US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, sustained cosmetic boo-boos when it was un-tethered from the dock by an unknown prankster whom the media unkindly dubbed a “vandal”.

It never got to enjoy the liberty of the open water. It just bobbed against the pylons and was re-secured by the vigilant crew who called police.
Both the yacht and Betsy DeVos were fit to be tied.
Ms. DeVos is the highest-level government official entrusted with the protection and improvement of public schools, which, of course, belong to the government. They are her bailiwick. Their care are her primary jurisdiction. She is not so much a fixer of public schools as she is the “fixer” for charter schools’ interests.
With this is mind, she has chosen, out of deep-seated conviction by her own admission, to favor and fervently champion private charter and religious schools. She promotes the confiscatory diversion of taxpayer money to help parents avoid public schools. she will not vouch for public schools, but she will voucher private ones. When she visited New York City, she instructed her handlers to ensure that skip all 1800 public schools and restrict her tour to private institutions, which she views amorously.
DeVos is historically unique among occupiers of her exalted position. Never before has a US Secretary of Education had zero prior professional experience in the education field. When she was confirmed by the Senate, it was by a margin less than razor-thin. It was by a quirky 50-50 vote. It required the fait-accompli and soul-searching of Vice-President Pence to break the even split.
A misdemeanor against Betsy DeVos property cannot be excused by the fact that it represents an infinitesimal assault on her massive personal effects and she is a sensationally unsympathetic character. No doubt there is a huge manhunt underway and when the mischief-makers are apprehended, they will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and maybe beyond.  Given the appreciable resources and influence at their command, the DeVos family will ensure that the culprit is holed in a jail.
He did wrong. But let’s give him a sporting shout-out anyway.
Ron Isaac
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