Better Days Lie Ahead for Texas Public Schools

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By Donna Garner –


Better days lie ahead for Texas public schools if we will stay the course.

Former Texas Senator Ted Lyons recently made the statement that Texas public school students spend 45 out of 180 school days on state-mandated testing. Politifact decided to check out this statement and has concluded that Texas students spend 29 days in state-mandated testing (link posted below).

However, neither Lyons nor Politifact has explained thoroughly enough that with the advent of the new STAAR tests for last year’s students in Grades 3 through 8 and STAAR/End-of-Course tests for last year’s 9th graders, not only do those tests require only 4 hours to take vs. all day for the TAKS, but the miserable-and-inferior TAKS tests are being phased out. (The new STAAR/EOC’s are built upon the new curriculum standards adopted by the Texas State Board of Education starting in May 2008.)

This year’s juniors will take the all-day TAKS tests and also those seniors who have failed them. Then as this year’s juniors move to their senior year next school year, the TAKS tests will almost be gone (except for the few seniors who still have to pass them to graduate). Getting rid of the all-day TAKS tests will cut the testing time tremendously as the 4-hour STAAR/EOC’s take over.

The good news is that the Type #2 TAKS tests are on their way out, and the Type #1 STAAR/EOC (4-hour tests) will soon become the norm in our Texas public schools.

Quote from Donna Garner: “Type #1’s end goal is academic achievement. Type #2’s end goal is the indoctrination and manipulation of students’ minds.”

Texas is moving into a new era in the public schools – if all of us will stay with the Type #1 implementation plan and get behind helping the public to understand that better days lie ahead for our public school students.

The STAAR/EOC’s and the accountability system will force the public schools to dump Type #2 and move into Type #1, but it will take all of us working together to publicize to the public why they must pressure their public school educators s to change philosophies.

  • If we want our public school children to learn to read well, we must have Type #1.
  • If we want them to be able to speak and write English well, then we must have Type #1.
  • If we want them to be patriotic citizens who revere the Founding Fathers and know and honor the Constitution, then we must have Type #1.
  • If we want our graduates to be knowledgeable voters who know history and can analyze current events based upon the past and the present, then we must have Type #1.
  • If we want our public school children to recognize that they and the whole world were created by a Higher Being, then we must have Type #1.
  • If we want our public school children to know their math facts to automaticity, then we must have Type #1.
  • If we want our public school children to be able to do well in foreign languages, then we must have Type #1 that teaches the phonetic sound system and grammar/usage in English so that they can apply that to their foreign language learning.
  • If we want our public school children to read the great pieces of literature that have connected our country to past generations, then we must have Type #1.
  • If we want our public school children to have the skills and knowledge they need for college and/or the workplace, then we must have Type #1.
  • If we want to turn out scientists who are well read, logical, analytical, and who can write down their scientific conclusions, then we must have Type #1.
  • If we want our graduates to be able to write compositions built upon facts and persuasive techniques, then we must have Type #1.
  • If we want our high-school students to know how to research a topic and then put that information into well-written text, we must have Type #1.
  • If we want legislators who are well read and who have a deep understanding of world history/American history/U. S. legal system and how those apply to current events, then we must have Type #1.

Without Type #1 being taught K-12, we will not have an educated workforce in Texas; and we will also continue graduating students who are not ready for college.

Why do we not hear our conservative Texas Legislators loudly applauding the Texas State Board of Education members who have made such great strides by moving Texas from the indoctrination of Type #2 to the legitimate academic achievement of Type #1?

All of those conservative Texas Legislators who were elected in 2010 and who are running for election this November should be assertively working to make sure that our Texas public schools stay on schedule to implement Type #1 by holding educators and students accountable to the Type #1 STAAR/EOC tests.

To understand the distinctions between Type #1 and Type #2, please read the following articles:

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To read the complete Politifact article that says Ted Lyons’ assertions of 45 days of testing are FALSE, please go to the following link:


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