Beware Summer Vacation Opioid Casualty Spikes Among Students

Jun 19, 2019 by

School is almost over.  Summer’s here. When bracing autumn comes, some kids will be off the rolls because they overdosed over the vacation of painkilling drugs fed them by unscrupulous doctors who  are rarely prosecuted. The prestige of their credential insulates them from accountability even for morally negligent homicide.

Early into the next school semester, teachers will ask questions in class and some of them will imagine the hands of invisible students raised to answer them. They will hear the cries of their students who didn’t make it through the summer.

Why don’t teachers stick to education and not poke their noses into what is not their business?

We hear that all the time. Proudly we refuse to honor that request.

No firewall separates the knowledge we transmit in the classroom and the experience that our students undergo outside of it. We see the effects of the real world upon them .The  exquisite joys and the unspeakable anguish.

In this latter category is opioid addiction, which  is a mainstreamed plague that is killing  youngsters in NYC every day.

The duties of educators extend beyond compliance with fatuous mandates from the bureaucracy. They increasingly require intervention to help protect students from threats and to equip them with the knowledge, courage and discipline to defend themselves.

It transcends academics.

The opioid plague impacts our students far more than do common core, graduation and suspension rates, evaluations, standards tests and all the other hokey data and so-called pedagogical initiatives. A child can recover from all the curriculum follies, instructional fashions, mischief with metrics and experiments in behavioral modification.

But they can’t bounce back from a fatal overdose.

The opioid scourge is killing our students at a faster clip than most diseases and accidents. Many large classrooms that will be filled with students in September will be co-inhabited by the ghosts of the students who never made it through the summer.

The causes of opioid experimentation and entrapment may be complex and rooted in subconscious vulnerabilities and environmental enticements such as pressures of home-life, poverty and injustice. But the curse is endemic among the most privileged communities too. No doubt there is enough blame to go around, but much of it relates to the temptations of opportunity.

The most pernicious prime mover of the opioid affliction are doctors, especially pain management hucksters and psychiatrists. Some have been in the news for dispensing Oxycodone and Vicodin to strangers who walk onto their office and claim some phantom unverifiable source of pain, such as a back or neck spasm.The doctor prescribes a heavy dose for extended period in the calculated trust that the patient will be hooked and return for more.

If the “patient” is on Medicaid or other government assistance, the greed of the doctor becomes totally wild, as they know nobody will ask any questions.Some of these doctors have raked in millions of dollars in ill-gotten gains and acquired gaudy and ostentatious multi-million dollar properties such as the most extravagant ones associated with the “lifestyles of the rich and famous” Hollywood celebrities.

Because of their prestigious qualifications, the presumptive validity of their judgements and the status attached to them by our culture, they can  often get away with murder, although it is not classified that way.

Once in a while, one of the doctors gets carried away and doesn’t cover his tracks. Dispensing several million pills raises a red flag even to the lackadaisical monitors.  One such suspect was  caught not long ago and grinned to the newspaper photographers.  He lawyered up, though he has little to fear.

Murderous medical malpractice is punished less severely than the theft of a Devil Dog from 7-11 on an adolescent dare.

Doctors are the beneficiaries of  grossly unwarranted special treatment.  Some progress is being made, however. Their  opioid prescriptions are now being tracked and when they are functioning as profit-hungry engineers of death, they should be prosecuted with pugnacity. The “full extent of the law” isn’t enough.And upon conviction they should lose their medical license nationwide and the revocation should be permanent and irreversible. Every cent of their assets should be confiscated.

If their deliberate reckless actions resulted in death,  they should be incarcerated and no plea bargain entertained. They should be housed with the general prison population.

If they are not citizens of permanent residents of the United States, their visas should be terminated and they should be deported and be perpetually excluded from re-entry under any conditions and be without option of appeal.

Nobody who has witnessed the devastation could deem this penalty harsh.

Teachers cannot retreat from the front-lines of their students’ internal struggles. Their students are their charge and treasure even when they are off the clock. We must bring down the perils that lie in wait for them, including the quacks masquerading as healers.

It’s beyond social justice.  It’s cosmic justice!

Ron Isaac

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