Beyond McCleary: 6 items remaining on education to-do list

Apr 16, 2018 by

The McCleary case may be heading toward conclusion, but that doesn’t mean Washington’s education-reform work is finished.

The Washington Supreme Court is expected to rule within the next few months whether the work mandated by its 2012 McCleary decision is complete. Even if the landmark school funding lawsuit becomes part of state history, the job of ensuring all Washington students get a high-quality education, no matter where they live, is far from finished.

The Legislature has made impressive progress improving Washington public schools and putting more money into the system. But the attorney general’s office acknowledges in its briefing to the court that the work must continue.

“In its 2012 decision, the court noted that the state’s program of basic education is ‘not etched in constitutional stone,’ ” the brief states. “The Legislature has a continuing obligation to review and update the basic education program as the needs of students and the demands of society evolve.”


Source: Beyond McCleary: 6 items remaining on education to-do list | The Seattle Times

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