Bible club to principal: Rescind your policy – or let’s go to court

Jan 15, 2019 by

Members of a high school Bible club in Pennsylvania are speaking out to say their free-speech rights are being violated.Bible CENSORED

Fox News reported last week that Christian students at Mechanicsburg Area Senior High School said the principal of the school, in November, had banned them from handing out Bibles in the lunchroom. They complained that the ban is unconstitutional – and Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel agrees.

“That right to free speech for students includes before or after class, in between class – and during the lunch hour,” the attorney explains. “They have a right to be able to distribute literature, which includes the Bibles, to individuals who are willing to receive that literature.”

The club members reportedly had followed the policy of the school and submitted a written request to distribute Bibles, but were told they couldn’t do so during school hours.


According to Fox, this is the third time Principal Davis Harris has clashed with the club over this issue. Staver believes this appears to be a case of anti-Christian bias. “Certainly [the principal] has a history of showing animus or hatred or bias toward this particular group because it is Christian,” he states to OneNewsNow.

Because of a pattern of hostility shown by the principal, Staver believes it may be time to for the principal and the school to learn a lesson the hard way – by taking them to court. According to the Fox News report, the club had given the school until today to rescind the ban.

Source: Bible club to principal: Rescind your policy – or let’s go to court

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