Biden Administration Must Offer More Than Vaccine In Response To COVID-19 Pandemic

Jan 26, 2022 by

The U.S. reported one million new covid cases on Monday, breaking a global record. This development re-opens the debate as to what we should do with school-age children.  Should we close down the schools again, mandate vaccines for even the very young, or let parents and schools figure out their own solutions?

School closures have proven distressful for parents and students. Children have lost 1 ½ years of academic development and ended up with psychological problems that could last a lifetime.  Private schools stayed open for the most part by adding cautionary measures such as distancing and the wearing of masks.  Sadly, not everyone could afford the tuition of such schools! Some charter schools also figured out a way to stay open but were too few in number to make much of a difference.

At best, many children had stay-at-home parents who could supervise Zoom lessons, but that sometimes boomeranged because the parents discovered that their children were subject to an agenda they could not support.  Some parents taught them themselves or joined with other parents to establish homeschooling in small groups.

At worst, children from low-income families were left to fend for themselves.  Often their parents did not have access to the Internet for Zoom instruction or the time to spend teaching them themselves.  They made the best of the situation – possibly relying on relatives or friends to help them out.  Children could be seen running around in groups at all times of the day.  At least they were allowed some socializing. For this group, school closures were particularly devastating.

Dr. Luc Montagnier, a noted virologist who received the 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine for the discovery of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), has warned that mass vaccine programs would not stop the virus.  Instead, it would cause its spread through variants created in response to the vaccines!  In addition, he has supported the use of effective, inexpensive therapeutics such has Hydroxychloroquine.  He talked about this in a 2020 documentary that was promptly banned by YouTube and other mainstream outlets.  Many other respected virologists have agreed with Montagnier.

We, the public, have become skeptical in that we were told initially that these vaccines would eradicate covid, as happened with the polio and measles vaccines.  Instead, we have seen an uptick in “breakouts,” vaccinated people becoming infected.  In response, government officials have come up with boosters and President Biden has urged more people to become vaccinated, blaming the problem on the “unvaccinated”.  However, no one has any idea whether such excessive jabbing of these vaccines might cause debilitations or even death.  The hospitals are not allowed to do autopsies on those who have died unexpectedly within two or three weeks of taking the jab!

“Pathogenic priming,” a term for excessive vaccine-induced antibody production, can lead to a very severe hyperinflammatory response. This has led to the death of many research animals.

Our government offers only one solution, vaccines and boosters ad infinitum.  We are not allowed to consider the fact that a huge number of unvaccinated people are still free of the virus or ending up with sickness no worse and sometimes not as bad as that of those who have been vaccinated!

It is time for the government to stop forcing people to obey mandates and, instead, to offer reasonable measures: allow doctors to prescribe harmless therapeutics that have worked for many throughout the world, such as Hydrochloroquine and Ivermectin; provide easy access to tests and vaccines but also check for pathogenic priming; and, most important, give herd immunity an opportunity to demolish the virus and variants because the vaccines have proven not up to the task.

Source: Biden Administration Must Offer More Than Vaccine In Response To COVID-19 Pandemic – Arizona Daily Independent

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