Biden HHS Redefines Sex as Non-Biological in New ‘Anti-Discrimination’ Rule Change

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Biological versus Non-Biological/Artificial Intelligence | by Alaa Khamis |  Towards Data Science

5.10.21 – National Review

“Biden HHS Redefines Sex as Non-Biological in New ‘Anti-Discrimination’ Rule Change”

By Caroline Downey

[COMMENTS FROM DONNA GARNER – We who understand biological sex know that there are only two sexes – male and female. Nothing that our illegitimate President can say will ever change that.  Today we are seeing exactly what we knew would happen if he ever got into the White House. Let’s remember the people who should be held accountable for allowing our country to slip into the hands of the Biden et al. leftists who are doing their best to destroy the traditional Judeo-Christian values upon which our nation and its Constitution are based.  


At the top of the COWARD LIST should go the name of Vice-President Mike Pence who so easily should have given the electoral vote credentials back to the four state legislatures that requested them returned so that forensic audits could be conducted in each of their states.  Instead, VP Pence chose to play the part of Pontius Pilate in the Bible who “washed his hands” of the decision about Jesus rather than to do the honorable thing.

What we voters need to remember is that those voting to certify the electoral votes from the disputed states, even though there were mountains of compelling evidence to prove election rigging occurred, are not worthy to serve the American people

1.7.21 — “Keep This Handy:  America Sold Out by Pontius Pilate and Cowards” — By Donna Garner – —

1.10.21 — “Who Were the Brave Ones and the Cowards in the Joint Session?” – –


5.11.21 – National Review

“Biden HHS Redefines Sex as Non-Biological in New ‘Anti-Discrimination’ Rule Change”

By Caroline Downey

Excerpts from this article

The notice of enforcement, while not a binding federal rule, signals that the federal government will begin interpreting Section 1557 — the non-discrimination provision of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act — to include a ban on discrimination based on sexual identity, rather than simply banning discrimination based on biological sex, as the Trump administration had. The change will likely require that states, which set their own Medicaid eligibility requirements, provide gender-reassignment surgery and hormone therapy to Medicaid recipients.

Many private insurers, such as Aetna and Blue Cross Blue Shield, and managed care organizations, such as United Healthcare, already cover transition surgeries and hormone therapy, and have an incentive to comply with the Biden administration’s definition of discrimination in order to avoid expensive litigation.

Certain state governments, especially the Republican-dominated, may decide to fight the disputes in court for a number of reasons, including to control cost via a medical necessity determination and to prevent controversial medical procedures from being performed in the state.

Soon after taking office, Biden signed Executive Order 13988, which tasked federal agencies with drafting plans to better enforce sexual orientation and gender identity rights by an April 30th deadline. The HHS regulatory guidance, released Monday, coincides closely with that stipulated deadline.

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