Biden, Socialists Want to Break Capitalist Economy

Jan 28, 2021 by

The debate: is America's future capitalist or socialist? - Vox
President Joe Biden’s proposal to address the claims of man-made global warming aims to destroy capitalism and reconstruct the economy in a socialist system, according political commentator Bill O’Reilly on Newsmax TV.

“What President Biden seems to want to do is break the capitalist economy down, which certainly [Rep. Alexandria] Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders and [Sen. Elizabeth] Warren break the capitalistic economy down by breaking the fossil fuel industry, the transportation industry, all of that,” O’Reilly told Wednesday’s “Rob Schmitt Tonight.”

They seek to “break it down, and then rebuild it in the socialist arena, where the government,” O’Reilly continued, “and for people watching tonight, this is a very simple equation: Right now in America the free market dictates who succeeds and who fails.

“It’s called competition.

“What the socialists want is Washington, D.C., to control the entire economy. And Washington will chose who succeeds and who fails. But in order to have that big central government, you have to give up most of your salary and assets to fund these insane projects.”

O’Reilly’s comments came after Biden’s “climate czar” John Kerry touted the administration’s climate proposals that would cost $2 trillion. Kerry did admit, though: With U.S. so-called greenhouse gas emissions contributing only 10% of the world total, the impact would be minimal.

Source: Bill O’Reilly to Newsmax TV: Biden, Socialists Want to Break Capitalist Economy |

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