Big business and immigration

Jun 30, 2013 by

The current H-1B cap is 65,000. However, this is deceiving as it’s a multi-year visa with numerous exemptions. Thus actual number of H-1Bs working in the US is ~700,000.

The Senate legislation TRIPLES the cap to 180,000 which would yield ~1.9 million H-1B workers in the US. There’s an escalating cap tied to visa requests and 4.5% unemployment — triple full employment and including only layoffs within 3 months. Corporations no longer have requirements to consider citizens and have free rein to fill US jobs directly overseas.

As a bonus, spouses of H-1Bs automatically qualify for a work visa not counted in the cap. Foreign tech couples will soon be in high demand. But wait, there’s more.

Then the new E-4/5 visa was added. This H-1B-style visa extends an additional 155,000 annual work visas to countries with free trade agreements. This alone is over twice the current H-1B program.

The Senate also awarded unlimited green cards to foreign STEM graduates with advanced degrees accepting US jobs. Citizens can expect escalation of educational costs and children crowded out of school under demand by the world elite.

As a final bonus, corporations are exempted from health insurance on visa workers placing $3,000 penalty on citizens already disadvantaged by corporate cost for worker compensation, unemployment insurance, severance and retirements, plus higher US costs for education.

The number of foreign visas now approaches the size of the entire US job market at 4.5 million.

Make NO MISTAKE — this legislation is a COMPLETE AND UTTER BETRAYAL of this nation and citizens for corporate profits. This is legislation to enrich the richest while increasing the suffering of this nation’s middle-class and poor — these are FACTS.

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