Bill Gates is reshaping American education

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Bill Gates is reshaping American education with his pocketbook

Joy Pullmann – The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is the world’s largest philanthropy, and one with increasing influence on American K-12 education. It has heavily funded the Common Core, a national initiative that is reshaping textbooks, replacing most state tests, overhauling teacher training and effectiveness measurements, and creating national data repositories for student grades and behavior.

Gates jump-started the Core by giving $10 million to the Chief Council of State School Officers to write the education standards that 46 states have now adopted. Gates gave the group another $10 million to support the Core, and $475,000 to help develop corresponding national tests. Gates has paid Georgia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Albuquerque, New York, and Louisiana departments of education to revise teaching, curriculum, and tests to fit the Common Core. It is funding books, games, videos, and other instructional materials that thousands of children will use, and research on ways to make educational data easier to share among schools, governments, and companies. Of the $163 million Gates has spent on Common Core, $125.5 million went to persuading politicians, teachers, and business leaders to support it.

“The Gates Foundation completely orchestrated the Common Core,” said Jay Greene, who directs the department of education reform at the University of Arkansas. Gates hasn’t been as effective in promoting other p

via WORLD | What billions buy | Joy Pullmann | April 6, 2013.

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