Bill Gates keeps pushing Common Core, with big money (and a bid to get Charles Koch to like it)

Dec 27, 2015 by

By Valerie Strauss –

You can say this about Bill Gates: When he likes something, he sticks to it (at least for a while, until he decides he doesn’t like it anymore).

Through his exceedingly wealthy foundation, Gates has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to create and promote the Common Core State Standards over the years. When the initiative ran into opposition from critics across the political spectrum, Gates remained steadfast. Not only did he continue to pour money into Core implementation and promotion, but, according to a new article in Fortune, he dined with conservative billionaire Charles Koch in February 2014 to try to persuade him to stop funding tea party groups that were fighting the Core. Koch didn’t budge, but Gates has kept up his support, and in 2015, he donated more than $42 million to several dozen organizations to support the Core.

[How Bill Gates pulled off the Common Core revolution]

In October 2015, Gates made a speech in which he said he was pushing on with his controversial education initiatives, on which he has spent several billions of dollars since 1999. He has funded a number of efforts, including a small-schools initiative in New York City that he abandoned after deciding it wasn’t working, controversial teacher-evaluation systems that use student standardized test scores to determine the “effectiveness” of educators, and the Core. As the world’s biggest philanthropist, Gates has been at the center of a national debate about whether democracy is well served when private individuals fund pet projects with so much cash that public policy is affected — without real public input.

Source: Bill Gates keeps pushing Common Core, with big money (and a bid to get Charles Koch to like it) – The Washington Post

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