Bills on tap at State House target lead in school water

Mar 24, 2019 by

BOSTON (AP) — Lawmakers on Beacon Hill are pushing legislation aimed at improving the safety of drinking water in schools in part by requiring schools and child care centers to test every drinking water outlet each year for elevated lead levels.

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Legislation on tap in the Massachusetts House and Senate would force schools to immediately shut off drinking water outlets that show elevated lead levels. The water outlet could be turned on only after it has produced at least two sets of certified test results showing no elevated lead levels.

Water fountains that show elevated lead levels would be replaced with filtered bottle-filling stations.

The legislation would also give public water systems in cities and towns three years to fully replace lead service lines at every school district, charter school, nonpublic school and child care center in their district.

The bills would also create a Lead in School Drinking Water Trust Fund. The fund would be administered by the state commissioner of elementary and secondary and would give grants and donations to help local school districts meet the demands of the legislation.


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