A bittersweet legacy for the Common Core

Nov 28, 2015 by


Two decades from now, or whenever people start to wonder again why we don’t know if a North Carolina education is as good as a Maryland education, we will remember what once was the Common Core. Whether it’s a fond memory remains to be seen.

The Common Core isn’t dead yet, but it will be. The multi-state education collaborative suffered its most profound blow last week, when the Massachusetts Board of Education decided to leave the Common Core and develop its own state tests. Massachusetts had been intimately involved in the development of the Common Core a half-dozen years ago, to the point where its commissioner of education, Mitchell Chester, had become the chairman of the board overseeing the tests.

Now, Massachusetts joins more than 15 states that have left the effort or, like North Carolina, are taking steps to do so. Each departure dilutes the case that Common Core makes – that it helps states measure how well they’re educating children by comparing test results with other states.

Source: A bittersweet legacy for the Common Core | The Charlotte Observer

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