Black conservative dings Black Lives movement

Nov 25, 2015 by

The ongoing Black Lives Matter Matter movement is an effort led by Leftists who are eyeing the 2016 election, says a conservative black activist.

Stacy Washington of Project 21 says Blacks Lives revealed its racist beliefs when it demanded – and got – the resignation of Tim Wolfe, the now-former president of the University of Missouri.

OneNewsNow reported that Wolfe stepped down Nov. 9 during campus protests that demanded he resign and admit his “white privilege.”


A black student protest group called Concerned Student 1950 wanted Wolfe to admit his “white privilege” among other demands.

Washington calls it “highly insulting” that the way to fight racism is to replace the “white people in charge” with a black person in charge.

In fact, Wolfe replacement Mike Middleton is a “professional agitator,” Washington claims, referring to the retired law professor who was hailed as a needed replacement to ease racial tensions on the campus.

Middleton worked for civil rights-related causes in the federal government, including at the U.S. Department of Justice and the De partment of Education.

But a student-created video at Mizzou, released weeks before protests broke out, featured the soon-to-be interim president. In the video (see below), Middleton claims there’s a “race relations issue” at the university and suggested anyone who questions that is calling black students “liars.”

“This is a problem,” the law professor reasoned, “because a huge part of our community agrees that it is a problem.”

According to Washington, Middleton is now in a position where he can’t be criticized for any decisions he makes, since criticizing him would be seen as racism.

“That can’t be the way we think in America today,” says Washington.

What’s really behind Black Lives, says Washington, is a behind-the-scenes effort to energize the Left’s “most vulnerable base” for 2016.


Source: Black conservative dings Black Lives movement

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