Black Harvard Students Are Holding Their Own Graduation Ceremony

May 9, 2017 by

“This is not about segregation”

Supporters say this is about community but it’s nearly impossible to get past the optics. Should every group of students start holding separate ceremonies?

BET News reports:

Here’s Why Black Harvard Students Are Holding Their Own Graduation Ceremony

Getting a diploma from Harvard is one of the biggest accomplishments a person can achieve, but for some, it can come as a bigger task than for others.

Aside from studying and taking grueling tests, if you’re a minority, the outer pressures of society make the already challenging coursework even more difficult. Knowing this, Black members of the class of 2017 decided to form an individual ceremony. It’s the first of its kind at the school in recent memory and took nearly a year to plan.

The separate graduation is an effort to highlight the aforementioned struggles and resilience it takes to get through those.

“This is an opportunity to celebrate Harvard’s Black excellence and Black brilliance,” Michael Huggins, a soon-to-become Masters graduate from Harvard’s Kennedy School, told The Root. “It’s an event where we can see each other and our parents and family can see us as a collective, whole group. A community.”

“This is not about segregation,” He added. “It’s about fellowship and building a community. This is a chance to reaffirm for each other that we enter the work world with a network of supporters standing with us. We are all partners.”

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    A modest proposal: give every Harvard student a unique and the private graduation ceremony, because each individual is the ultimate minority. Then everyone can be valedictorian!

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